Dragon Storm

Chapter I

:Eiri Yuki:

"Soul! Soul Carl-Andros Vivagorn, you bring yourself back here this instant!"

The words of Eloise, a nice young woman who was given the almost impossible job of looking after King Valexador's two youngest sons, Soul Vivagorn and Rannie Vivagorn, rang out over the lower region of the castle. Eloise was only four years older then the two twins, but she was the only one they would listen to, on occasions. "Soul!" Running hastily after the young prince, Eloise tired quickly. Looking pleadingly into the eldest twins innocent baby blue eyes she said, panting slightly, "Rannie. Call your brother back, please. We need that dish back in the kitchen. It's very important. We can't use any other."

Rannie nodded before taking off after his brother.

Soul and Rannie were twins it was true, but only near identical. They were easily defined. Rannie was the eldest of the two; with older features it was visible. His hair was dark, almost black, with a red shine to it when it was exposed to bright light. His eyes were grey-blue and seemed to belong to a child with more life experience than himself. His body was larger than that of Souls though he was shorter. Soul had a lighter and kinder look about him. His hair was a sandy blonde and his eyes were a bright emerald green. Unlike Rannie, he looked younger than he was. At the age of 11, Soul could easily be mistaken for an 8 year-old. Both twins, like the rest of the Vivagorn family, shared a skin of beautiful sun tanned gold.

"Soul. Give back the dish. Eloise says it's important back in the kitchens. They need it. They can't use any other dish. It's the only one." Rannie pleaded with his younger sibling.

"So? Rannie, Rannie, Rannie. You're much too soft. Can't you take a joke? Oh wait a second. I get it." Soul spun left to face his brother. Looking at him inquiringly, Rannie gestured for him to continue.

"You like Eloise." In a mocking voice Soul laughed while pirouetting on the spot with the dish on top of his head covering his eyes.

"I do not!" Rannie replied as a quick defence. "She looks after us. She's like a third sister. You know that" Rannie began to stare at the stone tiles sheepishly. It was plain to see that Rannie fancied Eloise, if even a little. Everyone else could see it, but Rannie didn't know that.

"Fine, I'll give back the dish. Just stop looking like that. It's annoying. You look like a girl." Smiling devilishly at Rannie, Soul shoved the dish onto Rannie's head and ran off down the long corridor, ignoring Rannie's distressed call for help as he fell on his butt.

Soul, if he weren't so childish and silly, would more than likely find Eloise beautiful also. Her hair was red-brunette and near always hung loose along her back, reaching her hips in luscious waves. Her eyes were a hazel colour with bluish highlights that varied with her mood. Average hight for a 15yr old, her body was that of an adult.

Minutes later, Rannie entered the kitchen holding the dish. Handing it to the cook, he turned to Eloise and smiled before leaving the room to find his brother and older sister Summer.

He hadn't gotten very far when two voices called him from the other side of the Hall. Spinning around, there was no one in sight. He continued on towards the stairwell leading to the upper floors. There they were again, echoing voices ringing out from the other side of the Hall. But who was it? And where were they? He gave up again; it was probably some of the servant children playing jokes on him again. They often found it funny to watch they nobles stare around the room, searching for the owner of the voice echoing their name.

"Hey Rannie," One voice echoed. "This way." It was torture. He wasn't sure whether or not to follow the voice. Perhaps it wasn't a few of the servant children playing jokes.

"No, over here. Follow me." The second voice urged.

Feeling very vulnerable, Rannie decided to make for the Entrance Hall, just one floor up. The stairs to that level were in the opposite direction. That was convenient, as that was precisely the direction he was looking to head… away from the voices.

Perhaps his siblings would be outside anyway. After all, that is where they liked to spend most of their time, usually in the mud or hiding in a tree, or on the other side of the river where he could never get to because he was too scared to learn how to swim.

Yes. That is where he'd find them, he was sure of it.

As he reached the stairs leading to the Entrance Hall, Rannie was bombarded with deer innards and pieces of unused flesh. And with an almighty squeal he leapt from the first step and headed back to the kitchens where he would be safe and Eloise would protect him.

Above in the small hidey-hole the three youngest Vivagorn siblings had discovered not so many years back, Soul and his elder sister Summer sat laughing and giggling with a bag of leftover deer scraps they had picked up from out in the yard.

Summer was the youngest girl in the family, a single year older than Rannie and Soul, leaving Faun to be the eldest. Between the two girls was the middle brother, Beau and the eldest of all the Vivagorn children, was Colin.

Summer had wavy, almost curly, flame red hair that reached only her shoulder blades and was always pulled back into the same plait, only to be removed when bathing.

Her eyes, much like Souls, were emerald green and her lips seemed to be stained rose red, as though she'd been sucking on berries too long. Her skin, unlike any of her other siblings, was as pale as alabaster and her body was thin and elegant.

Both Beau and Faun shared much the same appearance. Both had ebony black hair and stony grey eyes. Their skin, a sun tanned gold. The only difference between the two was Beaus' muscles and Fauns' slender body. They were born both within the same year, a year older than Summer, though Faun was born first, both were 13yrs of age and stood the same hight as their mother, an inch short of their father and elder brother Colin.

Colin, being the eldest, was also most handsome. He stood tall, like his father, and owned his own looks, shared with none other in his family. His hair was shoulder length and chocolate brown. His eyes were a brilliant ember colour and seemed to blasé as his mood changed. His body was fit and seemed to be chiselled by angels.

Though he possessed his own features, similarities weren't scarce. He still maintained a gorgeous sun tanned golden skin and, like Beau and Faun, was too serious for Summer, Rannie and Soul.

Summer and Soul slowly clambered down from the hole and turned to walk back up the stairs. They'd have to replace the sack and go for a run down to the river so they could wash off.

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