"The songs that reach deaf ears

Are the songs that no one hears

And the deaths that see blind eyes

Are the proof that no one truly dies"

She used to sing to her. And she would lie and say she didn't like it.

"Mama…why are you so sad?"

Startled, she looked down at her. Her eyes held a sorrow in them that she had never seen before.

"…do you miss daddy, too?"

She turned away. She saw her trembling.

'Mama's aren't supposed to cry…'

The silence was shattered by a harsh sob.

"When will I find someone to teach me

who holds the key?

Who am I supposed to trust?

What is love, and what is lust?"

She was lost in her own world.

Her daughter could wait.

It had been raining that day.


No one wanted to see a little girl cry.

Her daughter frantically pulling on her shirt brought her back to reality.

"No. I'm not done."

Her daughter pleaded.

But her daughter could wait.

Her daughter could always wait.