Love me

Love my smelly roommate

He'll be staying with us

Until he learns to bathe


Longer than a loving husband's wife

Don't mind the smell

Coming from upstairs

The dog didn't die

Or have an accident

It's just my friend

He's easy to get used to

Not that bad

Compared to sulphur

Though his hair contains more grease

Than a glazed donut

And his clothes were washed

The last time he dated someone

He didn't meet online

He's better at Dungeons and Dragons

Than anyone I know

And he moved out of his house

Before he turned forty

His secret is smelling-I mean

Living somewhere else

He isn't wanted

And trying to be the girl

In a relationship he isn't in

His super powerful powers

Give him an edge above the rest

So give him a chance

And he'll be your friend too

And, in your open-minded nostrils

The smell won't be so bad