Twistingly blind,

Sheathed in shadow……….

My dark world,

My terror inside me.

Built on foundations of blood and tears.

I build my wall of lies to hide myself.

I'm not what they want so I show them whats not me and my wall grows ever higher.

I built my wall to keep them out but the more I build the more I lose myself in my maze.

My wall becomes a house as I draw deeper in.

My house became my home when I lost my heart within.

The home became my prison,

The prison became my world.

And thus my lies became the truth.

I see from behind a porcelain mask,

So tight its like a second skin.

The mask is who I am and its how I paint away my fear.

The mask is the canvas I change to show everyone what I want them to see.

The mask is like a veil of spikes,

Craving my soft flesh and warm blood.

I hate it but its my only solace.

So I abide the pain

And use my bloody tears to build my wall ever higher………