Using tweezers, I pluck away at both my eyebrows and lashes.
I then rip out strands of hair which sting across my tongue like papercuts.
I bite into my flesh making it bleed,
Gnawing at it violently.
Blade in hand, I glide it across my binding skin; Hopefully I can soon breathe and be let go.
I trace designs;
Sings of disturbance engrave my skin throughout;
The blade kisses my lips And changes the prints on my fingertips.
I reopen the scars that life has bestown upon me.
Blood seeps through the slits made from head to toe.
(Breathing holes)
Now all I need is my out, come out.
I know it is somewhere inside me;
Shattered, yes, but there.
I need it- all the pieces For then I will take a needle, Thread a strand of hair,
And stitch it back up.I'm BROKEN!
I can't BREATHE!
I can't see or think- I'm PARALYZED!
At least glue my pieces back together before it is too late!
Find my lost soul!
Find my lost soul!!!!!