I'm feeling dead- I need a distraction.
My mind is swollen- I need a distraction.
Hey wow! click, click, click.
Found one- push part of a pen.
Click, click, click.
And it sidetracked me for a whole of.
One minute.
I'm back to feeling dead- need new distraction.
I know, I'll stumble around;
Make fun of myself that I can't walk normally.
Ha Ha Haa..ugh...need new distraction.
Hey look- someone is yelling at me!
I yell back;
After all, it's not my fault I can't put my arms down!- I'm dead, what do you expect?
(Like they can always control their bodies!
Of course I loose that argument though.
man, now I'm shut out and alone.
Need new distraction.
I never knew raindrops on a window were so interesting.
Fall...stop, fall...stop- that's hopeless But then again, A couple more minutes have passed.
It's quiet.
A renewed respect for pens...click.
That doesn't last long, but I bring it with me;
In case I need to distract myself from a distraction.
Blacklights are cool.
Turn it on and watch it flicker;
I get a kick out of so I turn it off to trun it back on.
The room lights up-
Anything white glows.
Too much glowy stuff.
Click, click Hey, I wonder what would happen if I feel down the stairs!
Maybe I should record it!
It would be hilarious;
What would you think if you just saw someone fall down the stairs And then get up like nothing happened.
I guess I was the only one who found the hilarity.
Need new distraction..umm.
click, click.
I tell my mom "phone" and run upstairs.
She says "Hello"
Which I say back and attempt to try and have a conversation in double speed.
She didn't like that,
Neither did the operator;
The confusion in her voice when I asked how her day was going.
It's okay she hung up- I didn't want to talk to her anymore anyways.
Only one thing left to do.
I yell words in one receiver, And respond back in another.
Had a lot of conversations too, But the batteries went dead so.
Click, click , click.
Hey, paper and pen.
Put pen to paper, move and it leaves marks-
Yeah, yeah,yeah.
Time for a new distraction...