Broken Doll

I'm falling apart again, in the same exact spot where you left me

For some reason I can't find the strength to pick myself back up

The carpet has a rather large stain in it, and I can only wonder how it will be removed

Or if in fact if it will be removed

I've missed you while you've been gone

And I guess I should know by now that there will be no return

But I hurt and I want things to feel better so I will continue to pretend

To pretend that everything is going to still be alright

That everything is just the way that it always was

And that you haven't forgotten me here all alone

I am sure this place is not the most loving of places

As I can hear the house moan with complaints

It tells me of neglect and abuse, of how it's owners are long gone

And of how it wishes I would leave it alone as well

But I'm not ready to move on

I only wish for your return

In my last days I have turned further in on myself

I promise that I will be more careful then I was

I will no longer make you anger as I once did

You will no longer find reasons to punish me

For I promise that I will always be on my best behavior

Honestly, my love, I will do anything to just get you back

I am right where you left me

Under the old stairs that the children used to run down in the morning

Behind the old winter coats that probably don't fit anymore

I'm right where you left me, Love.

With the old kitchen knife in my chest.

It's funny how I always said I would break your heart

But for some reason you beat me to the chase

And now I can only wait for your return.