Between the Knees

By Knightmare Elite

Between the knees a few inches back

There lies the flesh I want to smack

So soft and sweet in salacious fire.

It's very feel is my one desire.

I dwell in that part so close to her heart

Only a little further down does the pleasure start

She writhes, twists and screams my name

With a flick of my tongue the thoughts are the same.

So warm and soft and sometimes clean shaven.

It sets her apart for she houses my haven.

My fingers play, my tongue dances.

With it I dart and jab like Olympian lances.

She calls to me and I raise my head.

Further she moans, harder she squeezes the bed.

I go back down tongue drawn and ready.

I skim across the flesh making her primed and ready.

She screams and moans …in just a little bit

I smile and pass my tongue beneath her clit.

I bite she grows tight; she fights in an endless spasm.

Her body floats above me in her labored orgasm.

Between the knees a few inches back.

Those lips quiver and drip, her voice begins to crack.

She descends to earth on a cloud of elation.

It is my sole desire to see this presentation.