Leave us piles of dead bodies
Lest we forget
Leave us drunken bottles of Bacardi
Lest we forget
Floodlight the stage and drag us out naked
Humanity's had its fun if we're forsaken
Lest we forget, make us happily make believe
That we're dead wrong when we disagree

Wave some banners to instill in our minds
All the bullet casings and government lies
Make us love our oh-so-grand society
Lest we forget, lest we be free

The lower class got stuck crawling in the cracks of pavement
That's OK, it's more money the high-rollers are saving
That's OK, it's a lesson taught to us
Lest we forget, we'll be better off
That's OK, glass walls do us no harm
The poor always looks up, the rich always look down
That's OK, like slaves we toil in content
All the more to ensure that we don't forget

Leave us homelessness, poverty, inequality and the like
Leave us saying a foreigner killed is patriotic
Leave us idolizing your self-made decadence
Lest we forget, Lest we forget