This has been on my other penname for some time, but I decided to transfer it here, to my more used one.

Long before "Endure" was even conceived as an idea, there was this: my favorite piece of writing that I poured my heart and soul into. Written 6-21-04, and revised now. This is "Frozen", and please, be gentle.

The inscriptions had warned that who ever could read them would be trapped for eternity in the cold, frigid, unforgiving world. She didn't know how she had gotten there, but once the words began to take shape, the chains had formed. Like crystal snakes, they clamped to her wrists and ankles, forcing her to the ground, onto the wheel of scripture. She had struggled against them, pulling away from their icy bite until blood began to flow, yet still they held their deathly grip. She had fought them, clawing away until her fingers bled, and her nails ripped off, but still they held fast. Finally she had to give up, succumbing to exhaustion and cold.

That night was Hell in frozen form. The wind whipped her body, embedding icicle needles into her skin. As she struggled for breath, each gasp of air was like fire in her lungs. Tears began to flow, instantly crystallizing, freezing her lashes together. She shivered violently, each blast of icy wind causing her to roll with in her own skin. She pressed herself against the stone, hoping to evade the wrath of the cold. Finally it became too much for her, and all she could do was wail. Huge sobs escaped her, floating away, smothered by the angry wind and the snow. All night, she just screamed and screamed.

The morning came, but brought little comfort with it. The wind ceased its endless howl for a few blessed hours, leaving the snowflakes to kiss her body gently with feathery torture. Her entire body was numb, a lethargic block of human flesh that shivered from time to time with convulsing shakes. She knew not time nor had the ability to dwell on the thought. All her icy cranium could grasp was the present. The future- an eternal life of solitude and torture- was too painful to even speak of. And so the girl lay, eyes sealed shut, yet still seeing, mind numb, yet still alive enough to know that it should be dead. And so it went for days

In time, a few animals came along, struggling blindly through the tundra, exploring her curiously; another warm body to shiver against. She ignored them, shunned them, feared them, knowing that if she were to become warm again, human again, she would suffer as much as she did that first night. And so the creatures moved on, and eventually left forever. The girl was alone in her barren wasteland. Alone to embrace the cold and isolation forever.

Days, weeks, perhaps years passed, and the girl was faintly aware of herself. This brought no consolation however, for she knew that no one else was aware of her, no one even knew she existed. The girl was gone- forgotten and alone. She was beyond living yet couldn't die. As each second passed, her body screamed its protest at being alive, wailed as her frozen blood flowed freely. But nothing stopped the torture, not even death. Indeed, how could one be dead, when no one even remembered that you were alive?

She had a dream that the sun visited her once, and she shunned him. Still, she could not stop his warm embracing touch that traveled down her body. Try as she might, the girl could not shake away the thought of hope and salvation. The sun caressed her skin gently, whispering heated words into her ear, passionate words of survival. But all too soon, clouds gagged the sun in black, and those words were lost to the jealous wind.

That night brought pain barely conceivable to the human mind. Mad with envy, the wind clawed at the girl's body like icy lions running rampant. Snowflakes whirled to the ground, sadistic dancers watching her torment. Her eyes, glazed shut, were only aware of the darkness that had befallen on the land; darkness that suffocated her in a strangling embrace. Her ears heard only the wind's cruel and angered roar. It lashed at her again and again in icy fury. But worse than that was the realization it brought.

"You're alone. You will be alone forever." It hissed, over and over again. Try as she might, the girl could not ignore it. Finally, the emotional and physical pain became too great to bear. Raw, animal screams were heard, resonating across the tundra. It took the girl a few seconds to realize that this cry of inhuman pain and heart-wrenching fury was coming from her. And she couldn't stop it. She screamed in pain all night.

Night and day now blurred together in unbearable torment. The wind had yet to give up it's fight, and the girl was slowly slipping away. She just wanted to give up, to die cold and alone. But something wasn't letting her.

Suddenly the girl stopped writhing. Her eyes, small padlocks of frozen tears, sprang open. They blazed a deathly blue, colder than the snow itself. She watched the wind now, like a snake amused at its prey. She laughed, a bone rattling sound like tree limbs snapping from ice, and sneered at the sky.

"Fool." she cackled. "To think that you can kill me off. To think you can defeat me. You can't defeat what has already lost! You captured a human, but you are left with an icicle; a frozen lump of human flesh that no longer knows how to feel. I need no one, nothing. I will stay here until the end of time, and I will melt when the earth is destroyed in a blazing fire from Hell, and I will do it with a smile on my frozen lips. I will triumph. I will win. I already have won. The cruel joke is on you. You can't kill something that is no longer living. YOU CAN'T FREEZE ICE!"

She screamed these last words into the wind with violent ecstasy. The wind howled with rage, but it could not drown out her cruel, mocking laughter that lingered in the air.