Broken Realizations.....

I found the cure to growing older

Stowed secrets were never meant to be shown

Cause now I'm younger and I can finally see

The cure for the problem that never exsisted-

Yep, that's me, standing at the edge of the crowd

A shy one, a bright one, someone alone

Waiting to be found

Yet terrified to be lost

And fearing herself the most

For what's to gain once you're found?

I said 'a shroud for the Shy One'

I meant it - I'm still Shy

Try and try as you do,

You're slowly breaking me

And for once, I'm letting you

Now I understand what he meant

When he said we shouldn't be together

For it is because of him that I have found you

He had to break me for you to put me together

And I have never been so grateful to be broken...