The music was beautiful. It wrapped them up in it's melodies, cradled them in its words. All they had to do was close their eyes and they found themselves whisked away to a new world. One of love and dreams and hopes for bright futures. All they had to do was keep their eyes clsed, never face the reality, and they could be happy and together forever. Just live in peace in that dream world where nothing could disturb them. It would be perfect.

His lids slid open, peering around at the station in it's abandoned decay. The erosion had taken it's toll on the roofs, street-rat children on the windows, and everything under the sun on the tracks. Everything was falling, slowly morphing back to the dust that it had once been. Paint was peeling in the inside walls, ceilings given their own natural skylights, and glass scattered the ground, decorating it in it's dangerous glory. They were supposed to get married here.
His fingers traveled up the dress, stroking the lace as if it were her face, as if he thought that maybe if he treated it like it still had her inside, she would come back, and they could dance with each other one last time. Fingers moved to the neckline, fingering the satin trimming, reveling in the feel of the cool fabric against his sweating palm.
He knew it wouldn't bring her back, no matter what he did she would never be back. Rising slowly, he almost appeared to be an old man, crippled with the weight of wisdom and the bulk many years of tragedy, when in truth all he was is a young man in mourning.
He tried to recall why exactly he was here, although it really made no difference to him. The night before was just a drunken blur, leaving only clues of an argument, and he storming off with the dress in his arms, cradling it and sobbing into its welcoming fabrics. Anything after that though was lost to him,
Eyes were scanning the dress now, taking in every detail from the neckline to the hem, letting himself get pulled into it's soothing white beauty, and picturing her in it. She would have looked amazing in that dress, but then again every bride looks amazing in her dress. Still though, she...she would have been breathtaking, everyone would have been awed at her. Oh and how they would rant and rave about hor lovely she was, and how every bride should look that beautiful. That chance was lost for them, but he would still get his dance, he would still get his wedding dance with her.
With the hands of a father picking up his newborn, he scooped the dress in his arms. Wrapping them around it's middle and took one sleeve into his arms. Within moments they found themselves twirling and dancing across the floor, the glass and debre crunching under his feet as they moved. Even music was playing, though it was the type that only he could hear, and shomehow it made the whole experience feel so much more special.
If he closed his eyes he could see her dancing with him, the dress would be filled with her body, and there would be people around them, not just for his wedding, but to catch the trains too. They would have to stop though, stop to watch the new couple have their first dance across the station floor. The bells rang, urging the people onto the trains, but not without one last quick glance at the beautiful couple.
In the distance he had heard something, a cough? Or maybe a sneeze. Whatever it had been, it had managed to pull him out of his dreams. Head flicking from side to side, he couldn't see the culprit,, but one thing was clear. Something else had decided to join the them in their celebrations.