The Rose
Chapter One: Gray

The gray mist seemed to meet the cloud that was the sky, making the world look like one large, gray, nothing. If it hadn't been for the headstones, it could have easily been nothing, Catherine thought, as she pushed her long black hair out of her face. For a moment, she looked like the angel of death, with her long, straight black hair framing her ghostly pale face, the enigmatic sapphire-blue eyes, the painted-doll beauty. People who looked into those eyes saw worlds of emotion, swirling angrily in her mind. Anger, vicious, raw, and terrible. Pain, so deep the scars could never fade. Sadness, so harrowing that it almost carried a will of its own.

Not many people looked her in the eye.

Those who did, however, could never forget her. They always wondered what had happened to this woman, what had been so terrible, so scarring, that those eyes now looked so hollow. The hollow that is only found in those without hope. Hope. She wondered vaguely if she had ever had any hope. It seemed like such a trivial thing, to love, to hope, to live a real life. The life that she only dreamed of now.

She walked forward, stopping when she reached the headstone she was looking for. In the entire gray that was this cemetery, there was the flower.

The rose.

A vivid, blood red bud of a rose was leaning against the grave. Naturally. Julia had loved roses, they all knew that. That's why they called her "Rose." That's why the headstone said Julia Rose instead of Julia Catherine. It was creepy, almost, she thought.

Looking at her own grave.

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Author's Note: As I said in my profile, if y'all like this, I'll keep going. If not, feel sufficiently creeped out. I went ahead and named this chapter, in case. Tell me what you thought.