In forteen hundred ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Since then many things in America have changed. Instead of having horse-and-carriages, we have cars. Instead of having to farm and make our own bread, we can go to the grocery store and buy it. Instead of bundling up in blankets to keep warm in the winter, we have heat. Like I said, many things have changed.

However, even though so much has changed, it is hard to say that nothing has stayed the same. In fact, pretty much anything of real importance, of real value that existed in the 1600's can still be found today, in most of our own homes. This thing of such high value is love. Love will never change. Love can take many forms, yes, but love in itself will never change.

Well then why, you ask, is it that technology is constantly changing, but love stays the same? The answer is quite simple, really. Technology is always changing to fix its imperfections, to make it better. If too many Americans complain of computers being too slow, one of those big computer companies will jump up with the fastest computer on the market. Then another company will work to top that speed, and other to top the new speed. Love, however, was made in perfection. There is no way to beat love, no way to top it. There is no imperfection to perfect, no glitch to remove. Love is the only thing perfect, the only thing great. There is no way to change it. There is no way to better it.