I'm going under,

As all I hear turns to thunder,

I'm being torn apart,

This can only be the start,

Hell breaks loose,

Opening up and swallowing me like juice,

Fire is all I see,

Death is holding me,

Please let me free,

He looks at me only to disagree,

Mocking me,

As I struggle to be free,

He has a strong grasp,

My breathing turns to gasps,

I wake,

And realize it was fake,

I breathe in slowly,

Turning to see,

My room and ground,

Not trembling around,

I walk closer to my mirror,

As my reflection comes nearer,

I close my eyes,

To hear my cries,

He was sitting,

He was witting,

I was crying,

I felt like I was dying,

I open my eyes,

And stare into my skies,

Never to sleep again,

So that dream will have to end.

Author's Note: It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day in the neighborhood, will you please, and thank you please, when you review my work all the time. So review. Or watch my confidence break into so many little pieces.