All I'll Ever Be

As we walk, side by side,
I can feel the tatters of my soul.
A coward I am, my true feelings I hide,
But you, and only you, can sculpt me whole.
For it is my heart your arms can mend,
But have I always been only a friend?

My wings haven't spread, I must wait to soar
Through the unnoticed entrancing beauty of the night,
Yet without you, I cannot the world explore,
Longing for both the eternal happiness and perpetual sorrow you incite.
What you are to me, you do not comprehend,
And is all I am to you a friend?

Your touch sets my heart ablaze,
They say that love is blind.
Yet yours are the eyes veiled in haze,
And I know our destinies aren't entwined.
All I can do is struggle to pretend.
But is all I'll ever be a friend?

I'll love you till the end of time.
But is an Echo all I'm destined to be?
Love is pain and not sublime,
I will waste away for eternity.
And as the tears rain down, at journey's end,
All I'll ever be is your friend.