She walked with her head down, hands tightly clenched into fists, nails digging into the palm of her hands. Her faster than normal pace showed the burning anxiety she was feeding on, the only energy she seemed to have. It was the only thing she felt. Or maybe she was trying to drown out the other emotion she was feeling.

But her head would not face the heavens. Curtained beneath strands of dark brown, almost black, hair, they served as the delicate threads that kept her and the rest of the world separate. They also hid her tears.

It was nice to be alone, walking down the – Where was she now? She didn't know or care. The threads of separation would not allow her to see. But it was empty. No one was around. No one to bump into. No one to tell her to walk straight. No one to ask her why she looked depressed.

This loneliness was her bliss.

Yet it was also the source of her pain.

She further lowered her head, forcing the curtains to further drape around her. She was in darkness. She found ease around her. Her anxiety melted away, along with the rest of her and her emotions.


...No it was a lie. She did not feel peace. Her pacing stopped. She had burned up all her anxiety, leaving her vulnerable and helpless. Shields shattered, her repressed emotion emerged with a burning and vicious impact. As if physically feeling the blow, she let out a cracked cry in her hoarse, whispered voice. It scratched her dry throat with sharp, chipped nails.

Tears of physical pain begin to run down her already tear-stained cheeks. more crying. The pain in her throat will worsen. The nails will turn into claws. last a distraction from the emotion that threatens to consume her. She began to hum, her throat becoming a blackboard to the anxious nails. Anything to keep her keep the emotion from surfacing. But it wouldn't give up so easily. Her humming grew faster and louder.

Go away! Go away!

Suddenly, the darkness around her was vanishing, the threads being cut one by one. Slowly, reality begged her to return as rays of the other world further sliced through her curtains. At last the burning sensation of the red, setting sun settled on her face.

This time her throat was slashed by a scream.

But, who awoke her from her isolation?

The hands that warmed her cheeks were rugged, yet held tenderness and benevolence. She recognized them, even though her slightly blurred vision remained on the ground. She no longer could contain it. The emotion escaped, shattering through what was left of her defenses. It hungrily engulfed her to the soul of her soul.

Her head snapped up, slapping the hands away. Dark green eyes burned the tears into evaporated vapor, exposing only the bitterness that had consumed her body. That evil snake that had slithered to her heart and pumped its venom into her veins had awoken.

Toxic blood.

More. More. More toxic blood pumped through her. It had forced itself into her brain, turning her sights into a hateful red. The poison seeped through her skin, emitting a disgusting aurora of emerald green, just like her eyes it thrived with undesirable torture.

Hands still in fists, she further dug her nails into her palms, slicing through the venom-infested skin, but red, human blood poured out. Oozing through her fingers, dripping to the ground, it formed a small puddle that reflected the lost part of her soul. Alone in fear, overwhelmed with pain in a hidden abyss she could not escape.

The gentle hands reached for her again, but the venomous aurora snapped at them like the snake it was. With each attempt that the hands wished to offer comfort, the aurora grew stronger, its toxic presence along with it until the hands themselves disintegrated withing the poisonous oblivion.

The aurora then began to fade as the snake fell into a longed for sleep. The venom gone, she too loosened her grip within her hands. No one was around.

Falling back into her black world, the curtain again settled around her. Anxiety began to build up again as her never ending pacing began anew. She hoped this time it will last longer and grant the snake an extended slumber.

Unknown to her, the sun finally set behind her and soon the other world darkened as well. With both world lost in inked pools, her fate had been sealed.

She is Sorrow.

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