Crimson Memories

She didn't know how it came to this. She was taken and she couldn't turn away. This wasn't her. But, she didn't care. This beautiful sensation that trapped her was something she had never dreamed off. Though it was also something she feared.

His blue eyes peered into her brown ones. Every time he did that she couldn't help but turn away. Though she longed to gaze at them, those eyes held too much for her to bear. They held his past. His painful past. Within those pupils lied the rivers of blood he had inhaled. The brittle bones of his crushed life. A life he had lost a long time ago, but had never forgotten.

Her own eyes. What did they hold? A defense against her soul. The most vulnerable and accessible window to showing one's emotions are the eyes. So she mastered in disguising them. Empty shells that would not be questioned by the easily deceived society she lived among. But they were beyond empty.

The loss of her mother and the knowledge of her wasted life. All hid behind her cold, dirty eyes.

But she knew, she knew as he gazed at her protective shields, they cracked. Like the shattering of their souls they crumbled and he saw and knew all there was to know about her, which wasn't much. But the effects that came from that was beyond what even she could comprehend.

The chambers of her soul were being explored by his gentle yet piercing gaze. Lost doors that were locked to be forgotten were forced open. The uncharted maze that was her complete life form was being tattooed with footsteps, disturbing the once smooth sands that founded the hidden and darker shades of her soul. He was lighting the path.

She winced at the pain of her fractured memories but the warmth of his presence there eased her, even if it was that much. He would help her through this and she would help him. But he had to help her first. He was stronger than her and could handle his own pain a bit longer than herself. She would be the first to heal.

However, the question did remain in his mind. Would he be able to heal? He had all the time in the world to heal for time is the best medicine for pain, is it not? Time gave one the needed escape to reflect in one's emotions and sort out the chaos that tormented them. But no, he learned. Time does not heal one. Time only makes you forget. Which is why he was here with her. Why they were here together. This mortal and the vampire.

Humans are fragile and can not rely on each other for support. Their flaws outnumber their strengths. Vampires can not trust each other with their pasts. It is disrespectful and shows weakness to the other clans as well as their own.

So why not turn to a kind beyond your own for help? A vampire can extinguish the mortal flaws and in return the human compassion can help the wounded vampire.

They both knew and understood this. Both wanted to heal but at the same time feared what the outcome would be. How would their new way of life change them? The only way they know how to live is how they are living now. By becoming stronger, will their different point of view of the world be their own downfall? What if this renewed sense of strength clouded their now know common sense?

She knew this in her heart and he in his. The living, beating bright red drum known as the heart that breaths life into the mortal shell, a reflected opposite of the dead-still black coal that lies in the chest of the undead. Both circulating the same emotion and thought.

But no, they had come this far and they had no choice. Even if they did want to turn back, they couldn't. Because they had fallen in love.

It was not planned, but the death of her mother wasn't planned and neither was his cursed fate of becoming a vampire.

"My dear Vivian, why do you not gaze at my eyes?" the vampire spoke, cupping her delicate chin in his hand. Carefully trying not to scratch her, he turned her head to his own. The moment their eyes met, Vivian tore her vision to the carpeted floor, where she watched her socked toes curl in under her feet.

"I can't," she said, biting her lip. "They show me too much."

"That's what we're here for, dear," he spoke releasing the hand on her chin. "To make you stronger so you can help me. You do want to help me?"


"Then you must look into my eyes. So I can read what you are. Feel what it is that harms you. This is how I can help you."

Vivian closed her own eyes. "Gabriel...I..."

They suddenly fluttered open upon Gabriel's touch. His hand had clasped over her own. Vivian's eyes followed the movement of their hands, and remained on them in order to avoid his eyes. Despite her actions, Gabriel's own line of vision also remained on the warm flesh that slightly stung his clammy grip.

She was accustomed to his touch. The natural icy state of the vamperic skin was normal to her. In fact, when touched by another warm-blooded mortal does Vivian actually flinch. At times even her own touch caused her to shiver.

Gabriel's rosy but cracked lips brushed on Vivian's fingertips in the form of kisses. Each one sending a bolt of energy through her, giving her the strength to face him and gaze into those eyes. Even so, she still could not neglect the delightful shiver that ran through her body aside from the delicious energy he was supplying. The simple pleasure of having his lips on her fingertips as they gently brushed each one individually was more than enough to deliver goose bumps up her arms and back.

Vivian gave a small gasp as she felt a pinch on her index finger. He bit her.

"Gabriel..." she said almost in a scolding tone though in reality she was not mad.

The next kiss had a pair of fangs pricking her skin too only this time, it was enough to draw blood.

Gabriel watched as Vivian's thick red blood slowly seeped through the small wound he inflicted and slide down her finger. Then with his own finger, he traced the trail of liquid in an upward motion and placed it in his mouth. The sweet rush of fresh blood flooded his tongue and throat, taking control of him. It was a safe control though. If it was something time had helped him accomplish, it was the mastery of his vamperic characteristics.

Taking Vivian's hand yet again in his, Gabriel placed her leaking finger in his mouth for the flow of her blood to further drain into his dead system. Her blood was different than any other he has ever had. It was difficult to explain how the simple smell of her blood brought -he dare say- life into him. Her blood was what kept both of them alive.

But tonight, something about her blood had a distinct taste than all the other times. It held the sour sensation of fear. Gabriel knew he shouldn't but he did. He read her through her blood. He saw what she was feeling at that point. Beyond the electrifying sensation of having him near was the buried dread of why he was here. He understood. He felt it too.

Letting the slick taste of blood drain into him for only a moment longer, Gabriel ceased the flow of blood by placing the tip of his tongue on her wound. He then held her hand in his own.

"I'm sorry," he said gently releasing it.

Puzzlement crawled across Vivian's face as she pressed her thumb on her punctured finger. "Sorry about what?" she asked still trying to avoid his eyes.

"That I bit your finger."

She smiled. "Since when have you apologized for biting me? You always do it with out warning anyway. I don't mind."

Gabriel placed an arm around her waist. The couch they sat on groaned as he brought her closer to him.

"My dear Vivian," he whispered.

She eased her head on his chest, a little off his left shoulder, her hands wrapping around his neck. Vivian closed her eyes. Her simple solution to avoid his own.

"Gabriel," she said, vision still black. "After we do this, what are we going to do?"

"I don't know my dear," he spoke. "But I am sorry that I bit you."

Vivian pulled herself away from his chest to face him, her hands still around his neck.

"Why do you keep saying that?"

"Because I bit you and with out your permission I saw your pain and..." he trailed off, his vision towards the ground. "Through your blood," he shortly continued. "I read you. I know how you feel now. Even though you've told me before the disasters of your life, I know now how it affected you. Having to lose something...someone dear to you..." He shook his head. "It is a different pain to what I carry."

"I still don't understand."

"All along I had this power. To read you through your blood but I never used it on you to respect your privacy. Until tonight that is. Since you would not look into my eyes, I secretly decided to read you through your blood but I could not go through with it with out you not knowing. I am sorry."

Vivian smiled. "That is so cool." She said in reference to his "secret power".

Instead of questioning her somewhat peculiar remark Gabriel himself smiled, knowing it was the way Vivian was.

Her smile soon faded. She let the silence hang heavily before speaking. "Actually I would prefer if we were to do it that way instead of with our eyes." She brought her hands down to rest on her laps and looked down at them. The blood on her bitten finger had dried and cracked. "If that's okay."

Gabriel lifted her chin with the tip of his fingers only to have her dart her eyes away again. "Of course my dear but there is something I must warn you of first."

"What is it?"

"In order for me to fully understand your emotions," Gabriel moved his hand from her chin to her neck and brushed away a few stray strands of hair behind her shoulder. "I must bite your slender throat."

Vivian's vision met his but this time, it stayed. Something held it there. That strange waver that she caught in his eyes that mixed with the rest of his hideous pain. She wanted to help him with that, but how could she if she can't even face the pain he has? How can she solve his pain if she doesn't even know what kind it is? He had said it was different than hers.

Her mother had died when she was the ripe age of nine. Young, but enough child wisdom was obtained to understand the eternal absence that would follow. Without the aid of any grandparents, Vivian was alone. Her father tried but a lawyer's work is time consuming.

Though this happens often, the child usually does not witness it. The death of a parent, particularly the mother, is harsh on premature souls, especially if one were to witness the death or in Vivian's case, murder. It was her fault that she died. She had opened the door and let them come in.

They were nothing but common gangsters, furious at her father for having put their drug dealing leader behind bars. It was so clear, yet seems like a ghostly blur of the past at the same time, a desperate attempt to erase the unwanted. Somehow they captured her mother and held her up by her arms and just like that, as she stood in front of her mother, he drew the gun and pointed it at her.

Vivian's mother constantly screamed not out of panic but out of love. "Turn away, honey! Don't look! Turn away!"

But Vivian couldn't. Frozen out of realization that this was her fault, Vivian's vision would not go astray from the horrific sight in front of her. Somewhere beyond the human comprehension of the human eye, an alien force awakened and viciously engraved that day's events into her heart to forever circulate through her blood and entire body.

It was her fault. She had opened the door even after countless lectures by her parents not to do so until they tell her it's okay.


Not one, nor two, nor even three but five shots echoed through the house, through Vivian's ears vibrating into her brain as it registered those consecutive sound waves as gun shots. Those fractured sounds were to become the new beat her heart would forever pump to. The splintering crack of flesh and bones as the high speed bullets penetrated her mother's chest would permanently echo through her mind. A high pitched siren was heard, not form her mother but from the little girl who stood there.

Vivian watched in slow motion as her mother's body slumped to the floor in a scarlet veil that soon consumed her. Astounding though, how the soft glow of her hair remained as half of it spilled over her face, the rest drowning under the veil's fingers. Still frozen, Vivian watched as the scarlet veil began to consume the floor tiles until it almost seemed to form a crimson coffin.

Before the gangsters ran away, they said something about an earlier warning that was not taken seriously by her dad and the consequences he now has to face but what made her heart numb for that instant was when they left, one of those cold-blooded beasts had the emotionless sense to turn and smile at her.

Though her heart hardened, the earlier carved image did not leave. Vivian showed not sign of expression, as if she were the dead corpse. Her brown eyes though wide and big, were dim and blurred.

"Mommy...I'm sorry...I thought it was daddy...Mommy...Mommy...Please get up...Please get up and tell me it's okay..."

That was it. Vivian couldn't take any more of his eyes. Gabriel should have seen enough, right?

"I'm afraid not dear," he said acting on her emotions that he could easily read. "That was only part of what you carry. You didn't show the pain that formed through years of having to deal with what you saw. Having witnessed you mother's death and then living with it are two different aspects. More is engraved in your heart than you wish to acknowledge."

"But I can't," she gasped. "I could barely show you that..."

"Then, do you wish to continue with the other option?"

Vivian brought her hand to her neck. "But you've never bitten me here before..."

Gabriel still had his arm around her waist. "I know dear. It doesn't hurt."

"It's not that," she gently squeezed her neck before releasing it.

"Are you afraid?"

She nodded.

Gabriel stroked her hair with his clawed hands. "My dear Vivian, I would never let anything happen to you. You won 't even feel it."

"Is it a trance?"

"Yes, more like a dream."

"Then I don't want to do it," she said lacing her eyebrows together, causing an ominous shadow to lay over her eyes. "I don't deserve to have my pain washed away so easily. Making it seem like a dream that once I awake from gives me a perfect life. I don't deserve it."

"Vivian..." Gabriel spoke. "I don't want you to take it like that. This process consists of pain beyond what mankind can comprehend. It is worse than death."

Vivian kept her head down. "I'm already dying with pain. Who cares if I am engulfed with more?"

"I do," Gabriel's words were accompanied with a tone that seemed to be more of a scold than an affectionate offering. "I'm here to release your pain, not cause you more."

She lifted her head and inhaled deeply. "Then do as you will. I give you the choice of either placing me in a trance or," her eyes flashed with an unknown intensity for a moment. "Tear my flesh with the murderous wound I deserve."

Gabriel did not hesitate as he titled her head aside, relieving her neck and left shoulder of her hair. Wrapping his arm around her tighter, he brought her closer to him. Bending his own head down, Gabriel's luscious fangs penetrated Vivian's soft throat. Yet again the sweet flow of blood, her blood, flooded down the vampire's throat along with the venomous taste of locked away sorrow.

It felt as if two nails had been hammered into her throat after being brought out of a furnace. She tried to scream but her vocal cords seemed to have frozen somewhere within her throat. A choking sensation visited her esophagus accompanied with the agony-filled desperation of deprived air. Her vision shadowing, Vivian knew this was the agony of death with out the pleasure of being dead.

All at once in what seemed to be a lost point in time, everything seemed frozen, almost as if all just went...numb.

Suddenly, a pulsing wave.

It passed through her body, pumping out her numbness as it replaced it with warmth. It was in sync with her heart beat. Maybe it was drowning out her toxic blood, stained with guilty poison Vivian herself had placed upon her body.

Each wave came faster and more vicious than the last, vicious to the point it was uplifting, penetrating and shattering the last remains of Vivian's defenses to embed its warmth even deeper. It seemed to go on forever until she soon felt the pulsating waves reach her very soul. It was at that point all her numbness was completely cleansed away as a pins and needles sensation rushed through her vulnerable flesh.

Vivian at that point was floating.

It wasn't blue, so it couldn't be the sky. It wasn't green so it couldn't be the ground. It was somewhere in the middle of the two and it felt wonderful and luscious...just like a dream.

Vivian awoke with a gasp. She felt dazed as it took her a while to get her bearings as she noticed her surroundings. She was leaning against Gabriel, her head on his right shoulder, her arms resting limply by her sides. Gabriel's own arms were wrapped around Vivian though, his right was supporting her back, the other around her waist.

"Vivian?" he called out to her.

She moaned in reply, her squinting eyes gazing at the ceiling.

Gabriel placed a hand on her cheek, positioning her head towards his. Their gazes met and Vivian's eyes widened in terror.

"No..." she whispered in a scratchy voice. "Gabriel....No..."

It was true, she no longer felt the pain. She couldn't even recall how it felt, despite all the self-torture her body placed upon her. It was all...gone. She could look in his eyes now. She could finally see what color they truly were. Before, all Vivian would see of his eyes was a blurred stream of blue as her own eyes refused to make contact with his. But she could see they were a rare shade of blue. Rare because neither the ocean nor the sky matched. Lighter than the sky, yet darker than the ocean.

His eyes, she saw them and was struck with a new pain, unlike the one he had withdrew from her body through her blood. That pain ran threw his veins, his flesh, his soul. He was now burdened with another load. The pain she saw in his eyes...Her pain she saw in his eyes.

It wasn't supposed to be like that.

"No Gabriel! Why didn't you tell me this would happen?" Vivian demanded, roughly but quickly sitting up.

He smiled. Vivian saw faint red stains on the fangs he had exposed. Her pain was now his.

"My dear Vivian. Let me explain," Gabriel spoke. "Although I may have your pain now, it is only in the blood I drank from your body. This blood will soon leave my veins and with it your pain. It will forever be gone."

"Gone?" Vivian blinked. "That simple?"

Vivian continued to gaze at his rare, blue eyes. Blue was her favorite color.

But even so, she could see it. Her pain along with his own. Within the chaos of his own torment lies her own, each swirling into an unbearable load even for one who is not of the living world.

"But still..." Vivian spoke. "Gabriel, you don't deserve to go through this..."

Gabriel placed a hand in her hair and combed through it with his fingers, then rested it on her cheek. "Neither do you. Besides I now understand a part of you that no one else ever will. A secret that could never be exposed, even at will-"

"How can you call it a secret when you know what it is?"

Gabriel was taken back by her words. "Did you not wish for me to relieve you of this?"

Vivian nodded and gazed into his eyes once more and smiled. "Yes and I am grateful..." Her smile faded. "I just didn't want you to experience it..."

Gabriel brought Vivian closer to him this time with both arms around her waist, his eyes locked into hers. She could now see into his eyes and -if he let it- she could see it all. But he dared not let her see his pain, not yet. She knew he was scarred but he didn't want her to see it, he wanted to tell her. It would be better that way, and less of a blow.

Before that though, he wanted to further explore her pain. A distinct one than his with out a doubt. Vivian had to suffer with the believed knowledge that her mother's death was brought by her own carelessness. Gabriel's own pain was involved with a person he trusted and loved deeply. His brother. His own flesh and blood.

"My tale, Vivian," Gabriel spoke as he brushed aside the stray strands of her hair from her face. He gave her a sad smile before he stood and walked away from the sitting Vivian. He remained silent for a while as he gazed into what only he knew to be there. Vivian placed her hands on her lap as she stared at the ground by Gabriel's feet.

His hands were laced on his back, which was facing her. His head tilted to the ceiling at an angel that hid his facial features, Gabriel seemed to still be lost in his...thoughts?

It was depressing to seem like that. Even though Vivian couldn't see his face, she could sense his sadness and pain. It was flowing unmercifully and she felt it, hovering over her, around her, yet not within her. Not yet.

She didn't like seeing him like this even though she really has never seen him like this. But it pained her none the less. He looked so...weak. Vivian wanted nothing more but to stand up and hold him. Tight. Embrace his pain away.

But this hovering sensation that was his sadness said otherwise, keeping her in her place. As if speaking, it was telling her to please sit and listen, that it was what he truly wanted.

Just as Vivian was about to ignore the soundless words that were being spoken, Gabriel finally turned towards her and offered a smile. It was more like a sly grin that flashed his knife-like fangs in a dangerous fashion. Taken back by his inappropriate yet curious action, Vivian felt herself straighten up her poster, hands abruptly tightening themselves on her lap. But even so, she couldn't help but question the slight hesitation Gabriel had taken before his malicious grin.

That thought soon left Vivian's mind as his soothing voice coaxed her stiff muscles to relax and listen.

"My family moved to the 'New World' around the late 1600's, consisting of only my father and mother and brother. At that time, Alexander was six years of age. My older brother. I was born later on. The first of my family to be a 'colonial' birth.

"We lived in comfort with my father's wealth. Both my brother and myself were well educated so when the time came to pass down the family wealth, it would fall into wise hands. We were home schooled, thus we studied together. Every hour of the day we were together.

"Along with that, we soon became famous bachelors in our little colony though I was hardly into such things as women, drinking, and gambling. But Alexander was.

"Despite his forgivable flaws, I admired my brother and looked up to him. I loved him dearly."

A slight pause.

"I was sixteen and my brother had just turned twenty-seven when our father had fallen fatally ill. Alexander was certain father would leave the plantation and wealth to him but it seemed that Alexander's ill habits were frowned upon by father, even after death. When he passed on, father left it all to me.

"I had always adored my brother. In fact, he was more of a role model to me than father. But he...Alexander betrayed me."

A longer pause.

"In his rage of having to live the rest of his life shadowed by me, his little brother, he claimed I was a witch. That it was I who had caused father's death in the hopes of claiming his fortune and wealth.

"I was thrashed into the Salem-Witch-Trial-packed jails houses. My cell mate was a quiet and ominous individual. He always said how foolish he was to have let them see him 'feed'. All he needed was his strength back and he could escape into the night. I recalled the odd sharpening of his teeth as he would speak. When I questioned him about them, he responded with a grin, 'I use them when I get thirty...'

"Then I saw blackness. When I awoke, he was looming over me. It was then I noticed he seemed to have rosier cheeks and more color to his skin than before.

"As I stood, my neck itched but as I raised a hand to scratch it, I noticed my wrist had been slit. Upon closer inspection on my cell mate, I noticed his had been slit as well.

"He spoke, 'What could I do? You were my only company in my hell. I couldn't let you die. My only regret is that you're now part of that same hell.'

"We escaped and he told me of the vamperic way of life. I was horrified by such a life style but slowly, it seeped through and with time I learned to accept it. I didn't have much to live for and all assumed I had died in my cell."

This particular pause seemed to have lasted as long as all those years Gabriel went through to get to his tale.

"My brother was my first victim. Soon after that, my creator vanished and never did I see him again.

"But I lived. Though live is but a word with no supporting meaning to the vamperic way

"Life, yet another empty word in my existence."

It took much too long for Vivian to realize Gabriel had finished talking. He didn't comment on her late reaction, knowing she had absorbed his words, short and to the point as they were each had its own weight that even a full elaboration with fancy vocabulary words outlining his every emotion would never accomplish. Emotionless and detail less, they were a reflection of his soul.

His words pierced through Vivian but what was gnawing at her heart the most was how he told it.

Gabriel had faced her through out his out pour of his life yet as he spoke, Vivian noticed his empty and dim body expression and voice. As if Gabriel was just mouthing out the words to a hidden recording in the room.

Vivian's mind wandered to Gabriel's fragile state of being he went through before telling his tale. It had scared her. She had never seen him like that before. A collapsed soul that had lowered its shield to bear the broken and shattered pieced it consisted of. But that soul, his soul was still...alive. It had suffered through betrayal and misery yet still it lingered. But it could not relive its pain anymore so its master shed it away before agonizing back into the past. Its paper thin defense could no longer take anymore so Gabriel let it sleep.

He told his tale without the soul's emotion to interfere but there were times when his soul jerked awake in a shattering scream. Those times Gabriel paused were it's silent screams. Vivian caught them in Gabriel's eyes, when they would waver of pain. A ripping of the soul's life stream. Emotions that could never be put to rest.

Indeed his pain was of distinct quality than hers. But she had her pain literally sucked out of her, how can she help heal a force that has built within him for centuries? Each day adding more weight, long having surpassed its capacity.

The capacity of the soul, once cracked can never be repaired. How does he expect her to do such a task?

"I have faith in you."

Vivian looked up at the still standing Gabriel.


"I said I have faith in you," Gabriel repeated.

Vivian suddenly wrinkled her expression into one of slight anger. "Did you read my mind?" she demanded.

He laughed, showing off his fangs under the room's glowing lamps. "Your tense and worry state of being is written all over your face, my dear."

Instead of taking the opportunity of relaxing herself for a while on the some what light atmosphere that had settled, Vivian instead lifted herself from the cough and walked over to Gabriel. Grabbing his hands she spoke to him, staring dead on into the chaotic swirls that were burning in his eyes.

"How?" she asked, almost pleading for the answer.

Gabriel smiled and gave her hands a gentle squeeze. "You've already have, my dear."


"Yes, just now as you listened to my life's tale." He released her hands. "You are the first to ever hear it. Some of my slicing weight has been lifted because of it. You listened."

Vivian then saw Gabriel blend into a shadow that seemed to have emerged from nowhere and didn't seem to be placed right with the room's current lighting.

"You listened," Gabriel's voice continued to echo from his throat. "The only way I could even begin to relieve myself of this pain was to first find someone I could trust."

He suddenly appeared behind Vivian, slightly startling her though she soon eased into his arms as they slipped around her waist. "And I found you," he whispered, resting his chin on her left shoulder.

A red, splattered dot landed on Vivian's light blue blouse, soaking into the threads, almost blending into them.

"Gabriel?" Vivian gently tore out of his caress to face him. She placed a hand over her open mouth, leaving only her wide eyes unconcealed.

"Gabriel...? Wha...?" she said bringing her hand down.

Gabriel smiled at her. "Do not worry, my dear. This is a good thing. I am crying your pain out of my system and out of your world." His smile widened as his bloody tears continued to flow down his cheeks, giving him a demonic appearance.

The blood that seeped through his eye sockets was a dark, almost dirty red as if the tears themselves were crying. Crying out the moaning agony that they carry. What Vivian used to carry. A silent weep was all it took to completely wipe it out of her life. Out of existence.

Vivian stepped outside of the room. When she returned shortly afterward, she came with a handful of tissues and a change of her earlier light blue blouse to the now black one she wore.

Gabriel remained dead still as Vivian cleansed his face of her pain.

"It is gone," he said after she threw the bloody tissues into the nearby trash can.

"Yeah..." she said. "Now it's your turn. Though I have no idea how I'm going to do this." She placed her right hand on her left arm's elbow and angled her head so her vision was captured by the carpeted floor.

The wind moaned outside under the moonlight, a cry that brought them back to reality. They looked around as if in an alien world. The small, apartment-like living room was lit only by the two lamps that were on each side of the couch they had earlier been sitting on. The night's curtains provided almost no light at all through the heavily coated window. But Vivian seemed to glow like a lost angel who stumbled in a forsaken place, the demon before her outshining her with his pale skin.

Gabriel placed a hand on her cheek. "You are so beautiful." And with those words, he caressed her other cheek and leaned in to kiss her lips.

The feel of his flesh on her sparked something within, not only her but him as well. This was not the first time they had kissed so this 'spark' couldn't be related to love, since they had long surpassed such measures.

All at once, it flashed before her. Countless visions, each lasting as long as the last. Out takes of his life before he was a vampire as well as the night he became one. It was all beaming into her mind. But what was shown the most was the night Gabriel had first feasted. Vivid as those specific vision were, they were tainted with some unknown source that gave them an anguished ambience.

A burning sensation began to slice within, slight at first but is soon intensified. Gabriel felt it's deadly flames slash through his skin and its knife-like rays penetrate out of him into Vivian's soul.

... ....."Hello, dear brother."

The candle besides him blew out with the presence of silence. The shadow that settled was too dark, as if someone had drawn a hand over the moon, blocking its gloomy rays from reaching the room he was in. The papers in front of him disintegrated in the darkness, almost melting with the desk.

His heart paced. His eyes were wide yet only saw the same when eyelids are placed over them.

A flap of a cloak.

"Who walks among me?" he questioned, grasping the hanging cross around his neck, his panic rising. It was pouring out of his skin in his sweat, vibrating through him into the room.

"Do you not recognize your own brother?"

He clutched his cross tighter. " He is dead..."

Slowly and ominously, the dead shadow that was present before him, like the parting of curtains, separated before him. He stumbled out of his chair, eyes wide only to paralyze on the spot.

The parting shadows revealed the figure before him.

Blending with the shadows was the demonic soul of the undead. It stepped out of the fingers of darkness in the form of his brother.


Yes...the terror in his eyes, the radiating aroma of fear seeping through his pores, the sound of his palms scrapping against his clutched cross. Gabriel could feel and sense them all, but what aroused him the most was...his blood. It ran through his paralyzed body, countless tiny rivers that boiled with fear, making the liquid all the more sweeter sounding.

"Gaze at what you have done to me, brother," Gabriel hissed. "A creature of the night, I am unable to even walk in the rays of the sun!"

His paralyzed body at last reacted in the form of a flinch, but he was still unable to talk. His eyes however remained wide and had adjusted to the dark. Although he could see the silhouette of the being before him, his face was hidden by a curtain of hair. No matter in which angle the being moved, the face remained hidden behind its drapery.

"Dear brother...whatever am I to do with you?" Gabriel walked to his brother. His pulsing fear further snaked through Gabriel, becking him with the sweet blood that flowed from its source. Gabriel stared into the wide eyes of his brother.

In them, Gabriel saw a reflection of himself. The new rush that impacted Gabriel not only contained a stronger dose of blood and fear but entangled among those emotions, Gabriel felt his brother's pity. He knew Gabriel was going to kill him tonight. But that would only mean his death would be final and everlasting, a joy Gabriel would never experience haven been cursed to walk the earth for all eternity, to watch its destruction and experience its defoliation, only to crumble along with its fall. But he would die tonight and would leave this planet forever.

Taking another step towards his brother, Gabriel put himself inches away from him. Harshly throwing his head to the side, Gabriel exposed his brother's neck. "Your blood is delicious, brother. It was, after all, mine."....

Vivian's eyes snapped open so fiercely it seemed as if she tipped backwards from an invisible force. She was unable to focus on what she should have been seeing, all her attention was being forcefully drawn to the burning sensation that was engulfing the inside of her chest. She could feel the flames as they hungrily licked her lungs, its toxic smoke forbidding any air to penetrate through. Vivian grasped her chest as her vision began to ink with black streams.

Suddenly, she felt herself being pulled away from an object she had apparently been leaning on. Somehow, this seemed to allow the flame's smoke to be released as she opened her mouth for a scream.

Vivian's sights returned to her. Gabriel's hands were on her shoulders, keeping her at arm's length. She saw his eyes.

"Gabriel..." she whispered, suddenly understanding what Gabriel had meant when he needed someone he could trust. He needed someone to forgive him. The night that Gabriel had feasted on his brother was more torturous to him than anything else. He had sinned and through out the ages, his burden intensified in weight on his soul. It even scared him. What he felt that night terrified him.

The pleasant sensation that his brother's fear delivered was horrible, yet he couldn't escape its captivation allurements. The guilty bloodlust built itself into his system with the knowledge that the man that stood before him not only betrayed him, but was his own brother whom he had adored with every living inch of him.

Gabriel had killed him that night, but it was the only one of his victim's that had died. And he knew he had the power that night not to kill him, but he ignored it because of his bloodlust for revenge.

He sinned, even after death. He needed a pure soul that he could trust to forgive him, nothing else. A soul he could trust would be hard to find indeed.

Vivian gasped. She was the first individual that Gabriel came to trust since the death of his brother.

"Gabriel," she spoke in more clear and loud tone than before. "I..."

"There is no need to say it," he said placing a palm up. "I can feel it radiating out of you." He smiled. "So nice....I haven't felt such warm compassion." He closed his eyes.

They stood in silence for a moment.

Gabriel finally opened his eyes, his smile widening. "I did not know your favorite color was blue."

"I...I...really...?" Vivian stammered, blushing.

Gabriel laughed and pulled her to his chest. Vivian placed her head below his shoulder. She then felt the vibration of Gabriel's chest as he slightly flinched to something.

"What is it?" she asked, pulling herself away from him.

"Your wound..." Gabriel spoke slowly.

"What wound?"

"The bite mark on your has healed."

Vivian pulled her hair to the side, exposing the flesh Gabriel's fangs had pierced not so long ago. "Why is that so amazing?"

Gabriel ran a finger over the area where his bite marks should have been. "They healed so usually takes the whole night to heal which is why I place my victims in a dream state...." He paused. "But yours healed in just this past hour that we were here...."

Vivian let her hair fall back in place. "Maybe it's a sign."

"Possibly..." Gabriel grinned, pulling her back to him. She again eased herself on his chest.

"Either way I am healing." He spoke.

Vivian smiled as she felt his voice vibrate through her body. She didn't have to look into his eyes to know that.

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