"A Place Beyond the Sky"

Sometimes I just float away,

Into a sea of somber day,

Like some cold disconnected ray,

Of light, in dreary shades of gray.

From the somber sea I fly,

On fragile wings of wasted sighs,

To a place beyond the sky,

Where broken dreams all go to die.

Darkness reigns, no stars appear,

And consciousness just hovers near.

The painful truths becoming clear,

In violent stabs of icy fear.

From the hazy land of crumbled walls,

I push away and swiftly fall.

Through rigid time I slowly crawl,

Back to the home I don't recall.

Once I have again descended,

My sanity is badly rended,

My damaged mind begs to be mended,

And my broken heart to be defended.

July 12, 2005

Author's Note: This poem has been long in the process of writing. Several months ago, just before I went to sleep the first four lines popped into my head, and I have only just today finished writing it. Sort of a weird poem gone sad. I think it is rather better than some of my previous poetry, but I am, of course, my toughest critic. Reviews are very much appreciated.