Oh, my love, my cherished man
The man for whom I care
Listen to these words I speak
From my lips so fair
To you I dedicate myself
My body, mind, and heart
That forever we may be as one
And never be apart
Lover of my woman's form
Lover, tall and strong
Promise me this one great thing:
Our love will live as long
As our own selves, our mortal lives
This time will it be
And beyond the bounds of life
Now, eternity
And once we pass our time on earth
And our souls have to part
Pray we meet again, sweet one
And make some strange, new start

-Melissa Beall
11:10 PM

Authoress' note: For my love, James, on our 1 year 5 month anniversary. I know, it's not a huge milemarker, but I felt like I should do something for him.