You tell me you care,
you tell me you understand,
you tell me we're friends.
But, you've told me lots of things.

I can see it in your eyes,
I can tell by your smile,
I can hear it in your voice,
that your only lying to me.

So stop with the fake friendliness,
put an end to your act.
I've yelled the final CUT!
Enough with the Hollywood Tears.

AN:WOO HOO! ive finally written somethin new! (thanks to leila, i dont know if i ever wouldve gotten somethin down on paper ;) ) Ne whos, i just randomly thought of the title...HOLLYWOOD TEARS..and i thought! woo! that would make an awesome title to a poem...soo..ta dah! here it is...k. on with the actual AN here...Hollywood is all about acting..therefore...the term "hollywood tears" means, that the tears were all fake...i know! that was a tough one to understand, i hope you all got that..specially you steph, i know that one mite take ya awhile to ;) :P jk. ne ways. PUHLEASE R&R id love ya to death!