When it rains, it pours.

People will agree with such a statement today. A heavy storm dumps lots and lots of rain all over Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles River, normally a trickle, swells into a swift moving mass of water. Several streets have been turned into rivers, with the storm drain system overloaded.

Somewhere, in Carson, California, a blue Ford F-150 pickup truck parks on a curb next to a huge building.

"Can't we do this tomorrow?" asks a man with a blond crew-cut. "Just look outside. It's rainin' so hard we're gonna drown."

"Our contact on the inside says this is the only time he can guarantee that he can get us in. If we want the money."

The four crooks leave the truck and walk across the grass, assaulted by the raindrops coming from above. They approach a glass door. Is it unlocked?

The question is answered when one of them opens the door. "We're in," he says.

A red-haired man weearing a white shirt, red tie, and slacks approaches them. "So you've made it," he says.

"You sure we ain't gonna get caught?" asks a shaven-haired man who is the leader of the group.

"You have my fee, right?"

"Of course."

"Most of the people went home. I can take you to the warehouse."

The five of them walk along the hallway and go through the door into a dark, cavernous space. Fluorescent lights are turned on.

Inside this large room are drumswith the biohazard symbol on them.

"We just need three of them," says the shave-headed man.

"Okay trip," says the man in the white-collared shirt. "Just use those hand trucks. By tommorow, I'll be in Cancun."

The four crooks load three drums onto three hand trucks.

"All right," says the leader. "Let's go!"

"Stop right there!" yells a male voice.

The five of them look and see six uniformed security guards.

"The sheriff is one their way," says one of the security guards.

"Let's get away!" yells one of the crooks.

The four crooks attempt to escape with their chemical loot. The guards go after them. In the ensuing confrontation, othe leader pulls out a Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol. a guard sees the gun and tries to wrestle it away. A shot is fired, piercing the metallic skin, spilling a liquid. No one notices until someone comes into contact with the liquid.

"Shit!" yells the man with the blond crew cut, as the biohazardous chemical spills on top of his head. The others look and see the dangerous chemical spill.

"Call the fire department!" yells the guards.

The distraction is enough to let three of the crooks escape. They run outside the building and get into their Ford F-150 pickup truck. Soon they heading westboundon Two Hundred Twenty-Third Street.

"We left him behind, Trip," says one of the crooks.

"Lil' Bud knew the risks," says Trip, the man with the shaved head.

"We didn't get the loot. They're gonna be mad at us," says a third crook.

The truck heads northbound on Harbor Freeway, with a song sung by Dr. Dre playing on the radio and the windshield wipers wiping off the rain.


The Los Angeles County Fire Department sends a HAZMAT unit to the warehouse upon hearing of the dangerous chemical spill. The burglart who was exposed to the chemical is placed in an ambulance and taken to the nearest hospital. The whole place is closed pending a Cal-OSHA invesitigation. The security guards make statements to the deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

"What was in that stuff?" asks a sheriff's sergeant, standing inside the lobby.

"I don't know," replies the security guard. "You'd have to ask the manager. He should be here tomorrow. Though if it continues to rain like this tomorrow, it might take a while, you know."

"You know how many accidents I went to because of this rain?"


Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, located at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Carson Street between Carson and Torrance, consists of several buildings. Late at night, pounded by the storm, the graveyard shift workers make their rounds taking care of the inpatients.

One patient had just been taken to the intensive care unit, a man with blond hair cut into a crew cut. He had been exposed to a chemical spill that happened during an industrial burglary. While the chemical is not caustic, the doctors at Harbor-UCLA keep watch over him. Also keeping watch is a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy.

A nurse clad in a white outfit walks over to the patient. She checks the monitor screens which shows his respiration and heartbeat. The medical staff is on notice in case something happens as a resiult of the chemical exposure.

The nurse notices the man reaching with his right arm. She senses no danger.

The man holds on to her wrist with his right hand. The sheriff's deputy look on.

the nurse suddenly feels weak, as if her essence is being sucked out of her.

Then she falls, and the patient- clad in a white hospital gown- leaps up, fully conscious.

"Stop right there!" yells the deputy.

The man leaps forward and holds on to the deputies throat. The deputy collapses, and the patient feels more energetic than ever.

Fully alert, yet not knowing exactly what had happened to him, he knows he must escape. He leaves the hospital room and runs across the hallway. He makes his way to the emergency entrance where the ambulances bring their patients.

He sees a Bowers ambulance and goes i nto the driver's seat. Having had prior experience in stealing cars, he hotwires the ambulance. The headlights are turned on and the ambulance is placed in reverse gear and is driven backward. He then places the a,mbulance in drive and drives it out of Harbor-UCLA to the streets of Los Angeles County. Looking at the road signs, he finds the entrance for the northbound lanes of Harbor Freeway. Winshield wipers wiping off the rain, he drives out into the night.