Author's Note: Yes. I adapted the title from the (fantastic) Tyler Perry movie. Even if you are White, I think you could get something from the movie. I was inspired to write this partly because of my other biographical work, "Being Fat", however I was more inspired by a similar work written by AmoreConquistaTutto. After reading her really interesting work named after the movie, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman", I got the notion that I'd like to get out the other side of that equation. Thus, "Diary of a Mad Black Man" was born into existence. These things that I'm gonna be writing about are just things I've picked up on in the past and stuff that's going on right now. Feel free to express your opinion (REVEIWS, that is!). I want the unadulterated truth, so flame me if you will. We still have free speech, as far as I'm aware of. Thanks! R/R, if it's not too much, I really would like your opinions on the piece.


I guess I'll just tell you a little bit about myself (as if anyone cares)...

Okay, my name, as you may have guessed, is Terence. I am currently eighteen and I just graduated from my horrible hell-hole of a high school. I am a cartoon artist who loves the processes of character and story development. I one day want to work as a story/character concept developer for a videogame company....or write and draw for a big comic book company...or write my own books and be published and read all over the world...or all of those things! I live in Texas, but I am not your typical Texan. In fact, I'm not your typical anything. I'm eighteen and I still enjoy playing with toys for goodness' sakes! Hope that doesn't freak anyone out.

Yeah, anywho...I love drawing and creating my own comics, and recently I am attempting to further develop my interest in writing. I've always written, even if it was just scripts for comics, but I've never really fancied myself a writer before my junior and senior years of high school.

My interests beyond comic books and video games include the martial arts (although at 300 pounds, it is highly doubtful that I will be participating in them for some time), gymnastics (AGAIN, I'm too BIG for that), watching other such beautiful and graceful things on television, reading, writing (of course), and music.

My writing style is sort of hard to follow. Because I am such a visual person, I tend to dwell in the details of a setting or a character's appearance. I'm searching for ways to expand on my storytelling abilities to increase my chances of making it into the video game and/or comic industries. That is my ultimate goal.

I hope to succeed in giving those few who are out there and are interested in my work something worthy of their time, and am currently trying to think up stories that might interest my peers. So far, I seem to be kind of bad at that... Nobody seems to interested in my stuff. I hope to make friends from this experience and perhaps learn from what I see. I have read several extraordinary works and hope that someday I will be a fan-favorite.

Thank you all!

Terence, The Terrible