Evoking Light From The Shadow Of Love


Do you hunt shadows of love

Or are they just haunting you

You never know if it's true

Being a shadow yourself, thereof


Every time you reach and touch

You feel the warmth of silken skin

And when you consider to clutch

You might feel the emptiness within


So you hold on, though it's wrong

Just a phantom of your own mind

There is a need to, it's so strong

Making everything burn and go blind


So do you hunt your own shadow

Trying to outrun yourself in the end

Being a victim of your own intend

Lying gasping on the bloody meadow


Every time you break apart

You are freezing to death

Losing a bit of your heart

to the song of loneliness


But it keeps on beating still

And your eyes bleed tears of sorrow

Hoping that you never ever will

Wake up again into another tomorrow


So are you the hunter or the prey

A victim of life without a doubt

And you will ever be throughout

If you don't find your own way


ARISE from muddy ground

ARISE from your failures

ARISE and rebound

ARISE and love conjures


The mortal wonder of self-sacrifice