May winters dairy:

Am I even real in your world

Chapter one: stupied dariy

Dear diary thingy

This is my first time doing something like this ok! Like what the point of spilling your guts to a book with lines in it anyway.


I guess that all that is wrote in the damn things. love sick puppies they all are and gossip queens sept for the ones that have stuff that means sumat not all the lar de dar stuff. I hear you asking me why im writing in you my dear diary well the truth is im board and Kelly got me you. She thinks that I should express my feeling though writing in you. She can be such a worry wart like its not like there's anything wrong with me. Yes I do sit in my room all day with my head stuck in a book. What's wrong with that it's not like there's much to do round here


what im I suppose to do go and chat with the girlys about how cute that lad looks in maths and play a bit of tennis the bump in to a teacher who will give me extra homeworkyeah right!. I know it don't sound like it would be a rubbish time but trust me it would. I like to be alone with no one else there bugging me. I like to lay on my bed and read a good book or listen to me music and let my mind wonder. Oh well I guess I will have to get this whole diary thing over and done with.


Name: may winters………LAUGH AND YOU DIE!!!!! ………blame it one me mum she named me!!!!.

Age: 15

Gender: female………duh!

Eye colour: bright green………I love them soooooo much!!

Hair colour: dark brown

Country: ENGLAND………hehe im kinda really prod of me country.

Star sign: Libra

Chinese horoscope: snake

School: willron's boarding/technology college………be sick on floor hate it! most boring place ever.

Likes: reading!!!!!! Well of course………and ummmm music ………I don't really know what to put on this one.

Hate: fakes, liars, sneaks, cheaters and anything wrong! I also hate peanuts that horrid taste like……… well like ummm I cant think of what there just nasty ok!

Closet mates:

Kerry baker- bessy mate love her to bits!!!! A bit mad tho.

Sam riming- he's a cool guy, hes forever trying to get me out of me room lol.

Danny white- very funny can always put a smile on your face.

Jodie wood- a right girly girl, she's like the pink panther. Pink from head to toe lol.

Sarah heart- she loves to love gets a new lad each week boy crazy! But then there crazy for her.

Well there you go there's me, All there on a piece of paper very interesting. Well I have a book with my name on it so I have to say ta ta

Luv may


May closed the diary and made sure it was looked up right. She didn't like writing in it but she still didn't want anyone reading what she had wrote.

"Hey may" a lad shouted from across the room. May looked up at him and smiled.

"What's the matter Danny" she replied she just wanted to burst out and laugh at the way he smiled. Danny was one of those lads that can make a laugh out of anything. He was the joker of the school.

"Nothing just ummm……." He said brushing his hand though his light brown hair.

"ummm what?" may asked she new he wanted something she could tell.

"You know that maths homework…" Danny said looking around the room trying not to make eye contact with May.

"Yes" may edged on she new what was coming now. It had taken her an hour to do that work. She hated maths it put her to sleep literally.

"well because you're the most charming and smart" he said tapping his hands over one anther. May just rolled her eyes and picked up her new powder blue bag she got of her mum. She flicked though the paper and then pulled out a piece of graph paper.

"Is this what you're looking for" she said waving the paper in the air.

"Thanks" Danny replied as may handed him the homework. He kissed it and then hugged May which took her quite my surprise.

"Its only homework Dan" may told him.

"Well it keeps me from getting a detention" he said with a cheeky grin on his face this time may just had to laugh. "Ill see you later then at dinner" Danny said as he ran out the room. May just guessed that there was something like anther prank being played.

May got up and packed everything in her bag except for the dairy which she held in her hand. It was light blue with sliver writing saying "the dairy of May winters" Kelly had got it personalised for her before she left.

May was walking out of the room when someone bumped in to her. It was just a soft thing but she couldn't help but find it rude. She looked to her side to see derrick, may just let out a groan he didn't seem to notice he had bumped in to her and was scanning the room for some one. He never seemed to notice she was around for the four years of being at the same school he hadn't even spoken to her. For some reason may was annoyed by this, every time he looked right though her or even just blacked her. May felt emptiness without her whole body. He was taller than May by about 3 inches and had jet black hair which was quite messy. But the one thing may notice most about him was his bright hazel eyes which seem so soft and peaceful. She suddenly noticed that she was staring at him so she made a quick get away from the room. She was still annoyed with him that made her quite sad in a way.

She get to her room and instantly went to her bed fell on it face first. She used to share the room with her best mate Kelly. That was one of the things that made them become best mates. They were always together the teachers used to say they were connected by the hip. But then Kelly's mum wanted her back home so Kelly moved to a day school so she could stay home with her mum. May felt quite alone after she went because Kelly was the only one she really spoke to about things. That properly why she brought the diary for her before she left so she could let it all out. May was always a difficult one with feelings as Sarah always said.

May looked over at the diary in her hand she felt the urge to open it and spill her guts. She thought about for a second the rolled over and picked up a book from the side and started to read it…….... "Stupid diary" she said out loud.