I just want to get out of here,

Away from this place

This feeling inside,

Hurts like no other

These tears that I cry,

Burn like no others

Loneliness mixed with heartache

Tearing up my soul,

Ripping it apart

I need an escape,

Please God, let me breakaway,

Breakaway from this place

Locked up in the dungeons

Within my overcrowded mind,

I have nothing left to lose,

Yet nothing left to gain,

All I feel is pain

What I felt for you,

What you felt for me,

Soon becomes obsolete

Please God, let me breakaway

Breakaway from this place

Searching for the answers,

None left to find

I guess you have to be cruel to be kind

Loneliness overwhelms me now

Drowning me with tears,

My worst fear

I scream out loud

Can anybody hear?

Desperate for an escape

Please God, let me disappear

Let me breakaway,

Breakaway from this place