More than one

The fair light

Fai scanned the row of sandwhichs in the cafe, none of them interested her at all. She sighed and took a bottle of water out of the drinks fridge.

"And a latte please..." she mumbled to the man behind the counter, tucking a stray strand of her white blonde hair behind her ear and handing over a five pound note. She shouldn't be here, she had promised her fiance she would meet him to discuss wedding plans, but she just couldn't face it. He was the man of her dreams and she loved him but the idea of marrige, soul devotion to one single person for the rest of her life... well, it made her shiver inside. Fai shut her eyes and felt the breeze play across her face through the open window. It was a lovely day, the sun was burning contently in the sky, there seemed to be a smile on everyone's face and she was going to get married. Married... she hated it. Why had she said yes? How could she say no to Jeremy, sweet, caring, loving Jeremy.

"You know I love you don't you?" Jeremy had said at breakfast one day in the tiny flat in west London they shared. Fai raised her eyebrows.

"You better love me, buster" She said playfully taking a bite of toast. Jeremy smiled.

"I don't want to be with anyone but you, I want to be with you forever" He said holding her hand across the table. Fai carried on munching, totally unaware of what was comming. Jeremy stood up and walked to her side.

"Honey, I need you to pick up some milk when you're out and don't forget to take the rubish out tonight, the dustbin men come in the morning..." Fai trailed off when Jeremy got down on one knee beside her. "What are you doing...?"

"Fai" Jeremy started looking deep into her pale grey eyes, "I love you. Will you marry me?" He smiled up at her, expecting her to say yes. Fai felt like she was choking. She said nothing but turned her head away from Jeremy. "!" She thought desperatly to herself. She had hoped he would never ask her, and now he had....

"Are you ok...Jeremy said touching her shoulder gently. Fai flinched.

"I'm fine..." She smiled at him. "Yes... yes I will marry you" Jeremy looked like the happiest man on the planet. Fai felt like she was dying inside, she felt like a liar.

"Here is your change" The man behind the counter said loudly, bringin fai back to reaity. She look the change gingerly and put it in her purse. Inside, she was praying for the strength to tell Jeremy the truth.