Just one little secret

"I can't believe you employed her!" Jeremy growled at Cassandra as she put her purple silk robe on with her back to him. Cassanda turned and smirked.

"Come on, baby, it's just a bit of fun. I want to see who this woman is, if she's better than me" She said smiling evily crossing the room and taking a sip of champagne from the slender glass on the bedside table. Jeremy got up, still frowning and stalked into the bathroom. Cassandra heard him turn on the shower and smiled to herself. He was so easy to trick, and on the second date as well. Tut tut Jerry. She sat down on the bed, picked up the phone and diled a number quickly.

"Yes... affirmative. No problem at all." Cassandra spoke into the reciver and then hung up. So... easy. She pulled on her jeans and black t-shirt, then tied her long flowing black hair up in a bun, then crossed the room to the window and peeked between the heavy caramel curtains that decorated the large windows in the hotel room. Outside, a tall black man wearing a grey coat and jeans nodded up to her, then touched his ear and muttered something. Cassandra smiled to herself. Everything was right on time, in roughly eight minutes four armed policemen would break down the hotel room door and arrest Jeremy.

"Does this mean you don't want to see my again, Jerry" She called through the bathroom door. Jeremy opened the door, clothed in a grey suit with a confused look on his face.

"Not exactly..." He mumbled. Cassandra smiled evily at him.

"Good... tonight at eight, my place" She said quietly and left. Jeremy stood there thinking for a moment, something was wrong with this. He noticed that the curtain had been drawn back slightly and he crossed the room to examine it. Jeremy looked out of the window down onto the courtyard below where a black man was talking to a policeman. Suddenly a police van drew up next to them and six armed officers jumped out.

"shit..." Jeremy muttered to himself and drew the curtain back to avoid being seen. He look around, but it was useless, he was trapped. The only other way out apart from the hotel door was the window but he was too high up to jump. Somone banged on the door three times, no doubt the police. Jeremy panicked. The police started throwing themselves on the door, trying to break it down. There was just one more option, one way out, and Jeremy had already made up his mind.