The Magic Potion

Dragonfly wing

Powder of clover

The sparkle in her eye

All ingredients

In the book never read

A gleam in her smile

As she tilts the bottle

Holding the hearts

Of many butterflies

Her charms alight

The flames dancing upon their stage of candles

As she stirs the memories of time

Her cauldron misting over

Her mind abuzz with hope

She stirs with confidence

Unaware of what her thoughts might bring

Heated by bravery

The mixture of bubbles

Globes of beauty

On a glassy surface

A mirror into this witch's soul

The thick concoction settles

Blazing with fumes of deepest burgundy

Her hands shake

As she pierces her flesh

With the point of a dagger

Letting the blood spill over

Into the bowl of life

She spoons the truth

Into her flask

Where rubies shine

From the rim of perfection

Her chest swells with pride

Belief finally awakening within her

She glides soundlessly

Into the next chamber

Where darkness hangs

Grabbing at her robes and hair

She lights her wand tip

Leaning over the still figure

Of her husband

Rain splatters his face

Salty from the witch's eyes

As she pours her accomplishments

Down his cold throat

A red river

Rushing down a waterfall

To a stream below

Now it bubbles

As if to explode

Then silence

His heart beats

The white complexion

Slowly fading into peach

His lips parting

Waiting for that sweet gush of air

She collapses to the floor

Her head in her spidery hands

His eyes snap open

His lungs capturing the atmosphere within him

She rises slowly


Her tears splashing to the ground

A summer rain

He reaches up

Arms stiff as a doll

And holds her in his arms

Glad to be back in this world where he belongs