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.D.o. .I.t.

Get wasted,

It only takes one time,

To get hooked.

Go on, take some.

Nobody will know.

Trust me, it'll solve all your never-ending problems.

Make you feel powerful, confident – for a time.

Don't you wish you could look like her?

When you're stoned, it doesn't matter.

You're only looking out for yourself –

Not those so called friends

Dependent on you for survival.

Push aside nervous anxiety.

Ease your fears,

Let go.

Aren't you stressed from work?

Bullied by a dimwit boss?

Try this, it'll help calm

Your raging anger,

That frightens even you.

Don't you ever wish,

You could just let go,

Have fun, instead of

Worrying about meddlesome details.

This won't hurt you,

Don't listen to what they say.

They don't care about you.

It'll help you let go.

Get wasted.