above you, you still in a womb -

someone said you'd have beautiful eyes;

they would reflect the world like mirrors and

absorb its filthy colors like a sponge,

all so the earth could testify

'there are people that do make me pure'.

(and you're one of the few with those

beautiful eyes, those

nomadic colors that could shade a dream in

overlays of green or blue.)

it would be fair for you to say

'the world's been so ugly to me -

just a wasteland of billboards and debris.

i won't open my eyes'.

i would agree because

i do and i think all the time

if only you had someone else's mirror;

a new face for you to see and

not a shell that's been so tarnished,

dragged in perversion and almost

killed by it.

but not everyone will live the

lives we see.

and you can't always find the person

they want you to be and it's really

not as sad as we think.

but it is unfortunate in the way that

people build us up only to slay our dreams,

shaping pedestals beneath our feet and

breaking them down to clay and

unlike you

i am not strong enough to

put this behind me whereas

you are strong enough

not to care and

you will always keep your

eyes open to the world,

taking in filth and being strong by it.

you are the walls that i envy.

you are the eyes i wish i had because

you are so beautiful in all this corruption,

reflecting the world.