Night Time in Salem

Night time in Salem

Full of darkness

Time when the devil lurks

Between the trees

Hiding behind leaves

Drawing inhabitants

Into the web

He weaves

Waiting, waiting

Then he strikes

With all his might

The lord of the dark

The shadow king



Prince of darkness

The tempter

Hell master

The witches' leader

However the name is said

Evil is his way

Tempting his game

Reeling them in

Snatching their souls

Kindling their sins

Turning them away

From God

Leading them into

A sweeping fog

Full of darkness,

Chaos, and cries of confusion

He leads them

His workers

His witches

His minions

To do his dirty work

To sneak around and lurk

And cause trouble

Salem was only one

Of his countless

The village he ruined

Causing its distress

Seeding lies

Watching them grow

Knowing they were

The seeds he sowed

A bitter laugh vibrates through

As he watches what

His actions led too

"Witches" the people cry

Saying they saw people fly

High over the houses

On wings

Beside the devil they flew

Amongst the people panic grew

Caused by what they devil brewed

Until no one trusted thy neighbor

And used the chaos to their advantage

Marking their enemies as witches

Is what they managed

Finally it came to and end

All witches were in jail or dead

The devil was no longer present there

But the guilt they would forever wear

The witch hunts were through

Leaving what was left of Salem

After the devil flew