A laced up heart is torn open with the words
Strings come loose and lash out
Once unleashed these chords wreak havoc
Senseless pain let loose again
Sorrow is set free
As the dam is broken

Diving into the pool of my sweet oblivion
Through this mirrored elixir of sorrow
I fall, being bathed in the tempest of thought
Into a world covered in the empty embers of tomorrow
In the burnt future I open my eyes and look back again
Sorrow pooled together to form this despair filled place
Each heartbeat fans the flames of this desolate plain
Soul on fire, burning down the mind, dripping down the face

And I am lost inside the pools

Trapped within this pain
Tearing channels down my face
Funneling my mind at a harrowing pace
Into that land of nothingness again
A land dead without you to quench the flames
Nothingness torments me with its meaningless games

Fear quails in the face of the inferno
Lesser emotions are charred into ash
Spinning out of control as I crash
Death seems less unnatural

So I wait for the pools to subside
To melt away into my skin again
The nothingness creeps back inside
But yet perfumes the world

1:28 am