The girl stared at the silently screen. She shut her eyes and tried to imagine every emotion that crawled inside her wretched body as an image. Her fingers hovered above the keyboard, waiting for a spark of meaning. Nothing came. Slowly she typed out one sentence:

Never have I felt such pain, my empty heart is scratched with a knife of betrayal.

For one second, the girl could not breathe. The words etched into her mind, painfully marking the place she kept so secret. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye, slowly it crawled across her pale skin as she continued to type:

I am so open, and yet so closed. My pain will always be isolated.

The girl let the tears come; each one reflected a life of loneliness and misunderstanding. She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ears and wept for the sheer nothingness inside of her. Somebody had to know before she was gone.

I am alone.

Her hand shook as she entered her final message. Silently she wished for someone to find her in this empty room, to hold her and tell her it was ok to cry. She knew no such person would ever come, however long she waited. It was time to leave.

As a black dove rises from the misty fog of hurt, so shall I, scathed and wounded, to my end