Author's Note:

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. This story, called "And Love said No", is the sequel to my first story, "Buried Alive By Love". I suggest you read that story first to get a clear picture of what is happening in this story, though, it's not necessary. Would be nice though, hint hint. The title, And Love Said No, is a song by a group called HIM. Chapter 2 will contain the lyrics to that song. The reason I'm posting the lyrics before the story is because it makes more sense this way, I had forgot to for the first part which is why they are at the end of it.

Now here's some background information before you begin this story: In "Buried Alive By Love", Camille had been dating Shawn. They broke up after Max saved Shawn's life. Camille started dating Max. Then they ended up breaking up. (Yes there is a lot more to that than what I just said). In the end, Shawn and Max get together. They are a gay couple, yes, and they got married. They moved to Canada because let's face it, US doesn't support gay marriages. Now they wanted kids so they found a sweet girl, named Jillian, and they both had sex with her (threesome!) and miraculously she had twins. Now, oddly enough, Shawn fathered one of the twins (Alex, a boy) and Max fathered the other twin (Emma, a girl). The story takes place when the twins are 16 years old.

The story will be in various forms, ranging from journal entries, to letters, to thoughts to dialouge to a mix, etc... It'll be more diverse than the first story. This story deals with the lives of Shawn and Max (And Jillian's) offspring dealing with life under two gay men as parents, thier stuggles, etc...

Well, I think that's all, so enjoy and thanks for your constant support!