Author's Note: Sorry for slow updates and all. Little bit of changing point of views here. And since you all want some Jess/Shawn action... hehe! Little bit. Just wait, this story's just getting started!

Alex's Point of View:

"What you in here for, eh punk?" one of the other guys said to me. He was huge! Tatoos, piercings, muscles, oh my!

"Uh, I..." I mumbled shyly.

"Speak up!" He hissed at me and gave me a look.

"Kicked a car." I managed to get out before I felt like I'd throw up.

"Hahahaha, sure you did. You wanna know what I did?" He asked me. I didn't, but I had a feeling he'd tell me anyways. "I pimp young boys. Like you." And he bursted out laughed then the other guys cracked up too.

I didn't see the humor in any of this at all. I was getting even more scared as the minutes went by. And these guys kept taunting me. How long would I be here for?

Guards walked by and brought us food trays. Soon as mine was out infront of me, the guys took food from it and added it to thier tray.. So much for that.

I felt like crying. Like breaking down and crying. But, isn't this what I had wanted? Didn't I want to get away from my dads and Emma? Wasn't I the one who left in the first place? It's all my fault...

Em where are you, why aren't you here with me? I miss you, I need you. I love you. Tears rolled down my cheeks and the other prisonners started to laugh more.

Emma's Point of View:

It was such a hard day at school now. Knowing about the note from Alex and all. And just knowing he didn't want to be near me anymore. That I wasn't a good enough sister. Sure, he never wrote those words, per say, but it's implyed.

I got home and my dads were worried, of course, cause Alex was gone. And they had no idea where he was. And I showed them the note.. The note from Alex. And it just brought Shawn to tears. He just cried and held me as I cried too. Jess didn't cry; but he sure looked upset and worried.

I went to my room and I lay in bed thinknig of where Alex was. What Alex was doing. What I could do to bring him home..

Jess's Point of View:

"Shawn, hey, look.. He'll be back." Was all I could say to him as I saw the pain in his eyes. Sure, Alex is both our kids, but everyone knows that if one of us was the "wife" in this family it was him and not me.

"I... know.." He said slowly. "I just miss him.." And he looked at me with those pleading eyes, the same eyes that he had back when cam... No use stirring up old memories.

"Remember the night we concieved Alex and Emma?" I blurted out, trying to change to a happier topic.

"Yeah, some night eh? Was so erotic and passionate. I mean, who ever thought..."

"Let's try not to worry and have some fun of our own." I replied, then I inched closer to Shawn and started touching his face.

First just stroking it gently and then kissing him. I slowly made my way down his chest and lower. With every connection my fingers and his skin made, the level of intensity just grew and grew. He was moaning so much near the end, just begging for me to give him what he wanted. But no. I wouldn't. Not till we were both ready together. And he knew this very well. He knew I loved to be a tease.