I was watching a girl in a dark room. There was a circle of black candles around her. Slowly she lit each candle, pausing on each one for a moment and closing her eyes. When the candles were lit, the girl lay down on the floor. I continued watching. There was silence. I was entranced by the halo of light each flame created on the wooden floorboards. I walked over to the girl; her eyes were closed and she seemed asleep. I reached out with my hand, trying to touch her face. Then the candles went out, and I was plunged into a deep darkness. I looked around but saw nothing. Then something took my hand and I jumped. It was cold as ice and gripped me tightly.
"Please, let me go" I tried to say but my words were choked by fear. Suddenly her face loomed out of nowhere. A single thread of light from above slashed across her face. The ray of light allowed me to see her eyes, grey, pure and beautiful. I was mesmerized by them. The girl did not blink, but simply held my gaze. She smiled and let go of my hand. Then the beam of light vanished and once again darkness fell. I woke up alone in my bed. I was confused and frightened. I closed my eyes and allowed the girl's memory to echo in my mind.