The temple in Dyon was bubbling with activity that afternoon. The main hall was filled with people, many of them visitors from the little town of Coser. They sat together in the pews wearing their best clothes, watching now as the priest at the head carried out the wedding ceremony.

Wilhem and Aniri Faust sat in front, smiling serenely as they leaned against each other. Terrill and Caewin were right beside them. So was Gwen, who was crying quietly, while Alexa and Blake smiled dryly at her. On Gwen's other side, Kendra was weeping too, though it wasn't for happiness. "It isn't fair, it isn't fair," she kept moaning, and the others kept telling her to be quiet.

Over on the other side, were the Sallacks, and near the couple getting married, Rowen Hale played a slow tune on a brand new white violin, a wedding present prematurely bought by Dominic Filan.

" … I name you now, Dominic and Moira, man and wife, in the house of God, and before the eyes of your loved ones."

Dominic and Moira, standing upon the platform, turned, facing the crowd. They joined hands and bowed their heads, and everyone stood up and cheered. Dominic turned slightly, shooting his new wife a smile, and she returned it with even more brightness.

He went first, leading the way, and Moira held tightly to his arm. She felt secure in his hold – secure of his feelings for her, of hers for him, of a long past together with all sorts of trials that had somehow still not worked to turn them completely against each other. She should have known better.

She turned now, catching a last glimpse of her sweet-faced cousin. Rowen ceased his playing, his eyes settling on hers. Gently, he dipped his head, an accepting smile touching his mouth. Moira nodded gratefully, then faced forward again.

The voices of her and Dominic's friends and family were a roar in her ear, but she loved it. She waved to them, breezing out of the temple hall with Dominic into the sun. He helped her into the waiting carriage, then clambered in quickly. As the carriage was ridden off, they both smiled and bade goodbye to the everyone.

Eventually, the people at the temple became small, and the city spread before the carriage windows. Moira turned, Dominic her only focus. He pulled her close, the two of them embracing, and she didn't pull away from him until they were at his home, and now hers, Moira Filan's.


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