"Best Of Friends Forever"

For: Ty Ramsey

I remember the day when you and me,

Became best of friends forever,

The day your mom literally dragged you to school,

You looked sad,

So it was my nature to go and talk to you,

It was about then that we became friends.

I could never forget the days when you and I,

Used to wrestle,

Collect bugs,

And watch movies together,

The times we went back and forth from each others houses,

And did the other things that best friends did,

I just knew we would be the best of friends forever.

I know I'm forever in your debt,

Since that day you saved my life,

I remember trying to climb a rope,

I remember tying myself in a knot,

And hanging from a rope,

Tied around my vital organs,

Patrick alerted you,

And you both did save me,

You became my hero forever.

How the hell did I forget about all the things you did?

Save my life,

Be a good friend,

Take me on small adventures,

And trying to protect me when you can.

Please help me remember, to be a good friend to you,

You have always been my hero,

Don't you dare let me forget you,

Friends forever.

To: Ty Ramsey

From: Robert McAlister