Life in a Nutshell

Birth, life, death, rebirth.

If only it was that simple.

Birth. You're brought into this world of death, harassment and injustice.

Life. You grow, you change, you develop, and you face those harassments that have haunted you since birth. You learn to deal with it and you understand that ignoring them does not make them go away. Quickly you realize that you're different and in Americans society you know that is bad a thing. You either try to ignore the name calling, fight back, verbally and physically, or you join them because when you make fun of someone else, well, at least it's not you.

No matter the age you are you know that being different is a horrible thing. It gives the kids something to grab onto and exploit. Something to turn people against you with. To alienate you.

Four eyes! Four eyes!
Special Ed! Special Ed!

Taunting, teasing, name calling. All fun and games until middles school. Then the words begin to hurt. The glasses begin to matter a little less and a little less and the clothes matter more and more. Do clothes really make the man? Or women?

Fashion equals what's in style.
Style is what everyone else is wearing.
What everyone else is wearing is not you.

The style ends when the sports start. Football, basketball, wrestling. Baseball, volleyball, cheerleading. Anything else and you're not a jock. And yes, cheerleading is a sport. If you're not a fashion model or a jock then you have no purpose in life but to be a target.

And rumors target even the most holiest of people. One stupid moment can cause a semester of pain. Your reputation that you worked so hard to build will crumble beneath your feet leaving behind a trail of long lasting misery and tormenting laughter.

Slut! Slut!
Player! Player!

At this point your physical difference matter more and your individualism diminishes with each passing day. That little extra body fat looks like an extra hundred pounds when you see it in the mirror. Though the mirror isn't as distorted as your outlook on life and how you preserve your body. Not as a temple but a slab of meat. Displayed for the world to see and guys to stare!

Model! Turn, smile, snap. Move, twirl, show of the skin.

Show off the skin, the more you show the older you seem. Hip huggers, tube tops, pants showing more underwear than we care to see. Blue, purple, red and green plaid. It doesn't matter.

Skateboards, blades, and BMX. Not a jock but a 'rebel.' Do anything to be different and harass those not as brave as you because they won't stand up. Too afraid to stand up and shout that they want to be heard. Instead, in rebellion, you're still the same. You harass, judge and criticize. You're just the same as everyone else but added on the name 'punk.'

You want to know your own 'style.' A lot of black, little color, and a frown accompanied with a hard attitude and bam! you're a Goth.

So easy it is to label in Jr. High. You die in 6th as shallowness starts and you 'define' yourself in 8th.

You play, you style, you sing, act, dance, cheer and back away from the crowd. But at the same time you get sucked into a materialistic world that last until you reach the real world. Not a click away but another four years and you are given the right decide for yourself.

Some would argue this point. "High School is the training for the real world." Only if the real world consist of immaturity, ignorance and pathetic love affairs.

True these are those characteristics yet played down and drama is not center stage. High School life is a time for your individual to prosper, thrive, and change. Do you stick with those old friends or do you find a new bunch and form your own clique. As character defining as it is High School is all about the cliques.

Preps, jocks, punks, rebels, freaks, and to many more to name. My favorite being 'just plain different.' That's what I was. Too weird to be classified so they, the 'popular folk' had to make up a term for me.

"High School is the best years of your life;" "High School is the worst time of your life." As you live it, you hate High School. You want out of this prison!

Let me out! I don't deserve this punishment. I know my rights! I want my one phone call.

You know your rights. Only because the government forces the school board to teach it. They teach you your rights but they are the ones that deprive them. They give you the rules, they give you the guidelines, but they are better put to use as a door stop since they are never enforced.

5 Lies They Tell You in High School:

You are here to educate yourself.

We are here to help you.

Teachers are always fair.

The dress code will be enforced.

As well as all the rules stated in the school hand book.

You are there to make friends and because you can't drop out until you're sixteen. They are there for the money, as are the teachers. The dress code, or any rule in fact, is as enforced as off campus lunch. You can tell it's enforced when you see people walking in carrying bags from Burger King or Taco Bell.

Rules, in High School, are one of those things that are nice on paper but take too much effort to enforce so, within a week, they are placed out of mind. Out of sight, out of mind, just like that old baby blanket under your bed, as if it hadn't been there at all.

The one thing that all High Schoolers around the country have in common is they count down the days until the end, then graduation.

180 days—I can't believe it started again. My last year.
135 days—A quarter down and I just want it to end.
90 days—A semester down I can't believe I made it.
45 days—Fk this. It's never going to end.
10 days—Four words: Cruel and unusual punishment.
5 days—The teachers want to make us suffer by piling on busy work.
3 days—Exams are Hell, why do we even have to take them?
1 day—Couple more hours and I'll be free.

You'll be free but free to what? Can you really say you enter the real world at 18? You are declared free of your parents, not a ward of the state and you can vote but what gives the government the ability to say you are capable. High School is supposed to teach you everything that you need but they are expected to do it on half the budget. Education is getting pushed aside for more important thing in the real world, like stopping a fifteen year old from giving up her child. That in itself is horrible but uneducated eighteen year old 'adults' is not?

The question is when can you be considered an adult? Does buying cigarette or alcohol determent that? Making a child? Or going overseas to fight a pointless war? What really states that you die and become reborn as an adult? When can people spread their ashes to the sky and scream out that they are truly free and have the knowledge they need? Can life even be simply put into categories?


You're born, you live, you die, and you are reborn. That is what life is in a nutshell.