Diary of a Crazy Man

Is fire as big a menace as everyone thinks? Is it not fire that clears a forest so healthier trees can grow?

That's how I look at it. Fire is used to create. To create you have to wipe out the old, fire is also used for that. If a forest becomes overcrowded, nothing can grow, and if nothing can grow, disease will spread. Therefore, you have to clear some space. Isn't that what's happening with the worlds population? We're too crowded. And the diseases are already taking over. Everything from the common cold, AIDS, and the most deadly: ignorance.

As you see, we have a problem, a problem that the world refuses to see! Soon the problem will be out of control and no one will be able to stop it. I have to stop it, before it is too late. So, I came up with a plan.

I would seek out all those that are ignorant and I would cleanse them. Clear them of their disease, make them healthy, unless I was too late then I would have to get rid of them altogether. So I have a plan.

The next step in the plan is who? Who has the worst disease? Then it hit me like a frying pan to the forehead. High school students; male high school students. The next step would be how would I get them and when? That was easy to think of too. Just go to the school, sign in with a false reason to be there and stalk the students at lunch. After I find the one, the one that is suffering the worst, I'll follow them and strike when it is best. My plan was perfect.

Over the next two weeks it, my plan, came into play. I found my subject. His name was Thomas and he was the most terrible of all those affected by the disease of ignorance. Now, the only thing left was to obtain my specimen. That question was answered soon afterward. I got him while he left a party, too drunk to notice anything.

When he awoke, with a groan, looking around the room he quickly realized his situation. I had to take extreme measures to insure my specimen wouldn't leave. I'm sure it was an uncomfortable position to be handcuffed and chained to a chair but there was no way I would allow him to leave. I watched as panic set in and his futile efforts to escape. My time was limited. I couldn't be exposed to his disease for too long for fear I would catch it.

I stood and walked over to him and watched as he stared at me. I told him, my mouth covered with a surgical mask, that he was suffering from a terrible disease and I was to help cure him, if I wasn't too late. As I continued to explain his eyes shifted from me to my tool.

The device I had picked a classic, from back when I was younger. It's once shining gold paint had long been dulled by normal wear and tear, a sign that it had been a great asset to have. Protruding from the back was a handle made of red dyed wood. Extending from the dulled, golden, bell shaped base, was a pipe that lead into a shelter area of its inner workings. Protruding from the covered metal area a round knob and, from the other side of the masked area was a blackened nozzle. Formed together it made a fine flamethrower. The perfect tool to help in the cleansing.

As I picked up my instrument I explained to him that fire was purifier and I was to purify him by the use of fire. It was then that he panicked. He kicked, struggled and screamed while I tried to tell him that it was for his own good. I couldn't take it, I had to shut him up before someone heard! I took a ignored rag and stuffed it into his mouth.

It was then that I began the purification process. I took the gasoline and poured it over his head as he desperately tried to free himself. With one last glance at Thomas I lit the flamethrower and pointed it toward him.

I sat back and watched as he slowly died, not being able to be cleansed. After the fire had put itself out, I buried him in the woods behind my house and, with a smile upon my face, my last thought as I covered his charred body is that I had taken at least one disease person out of this world. But the sadder thought is that there are many more out there that still need to be cleansed and I alone wouldn't be able to get them all.