I am still a child,

A child from the womb of my mother.

The pain of abandonment,

Could not compare

To my loss.

The day I fell,

When I was four-

On the worn pebbled roads of the country.

I bled and I cried.

"Fear not...Little Olivia,

Daddy is here, darling.

Daddy is here"

You said as you dried my tears.

I am your baby forever,

And I cannot change who I am.

But I cannot live each day knowing,

When I was four you were there-

Now I am to be fourteen soon,

And my Daddy is gone.

My Daddy,

Where are you?

Why did you leave?

The pain of four years...

multiplied by many-

I am lost without your gentle touch,

And loving care.

I am still a child,

I am forever your baby.

Do not forget your baby,

Little Olivia needs you now,

Now I bleed,

Now I cry.

Where are you, Daddy?

Your baby needs you.