Publisher's Note: We are not entirely sure that this first chapter is actually the first chapter. The story is missing parts so please be patient with it. We are searching for the "Lost Pages" as I type this. So please check periodically to see if we have found a page to this tale.

Chapter One

The tall looming building cast a dark shadow over the playground. Many of the students of Grimen Kregkrum High School sat on the limited swings, played idly in the sandbox and some sat anywhere there was a place available, on the black concrete steps that led to the door back inside or on the faded hop-scotch ground. There was also some, or rather someone that resided on the edge of the school grounds.

Jeremy gazed out at the smog smitten sky with jade coloured eyes and sighed as a breeze rolled in. This was his favorite spot, on the edge of the school grounds, where no one would bother him. It was a nice day and he thanked god they were allowed a recess, though he never played in the playground, he was thankful for the time away from the unbearable instructors. The sky then began to turn darker and he could almost smell the moisture in the air, it was going to rain later today. Jeremy wrapped his arms around his legs and looked at the woods that stood about fifty yards away.

The woods always amazed him, mostly because the students were restricted from it. For some reason he was drawn to he knew it held secrets. Jeremy stroked his brunette locks and gave out another sigh as he thought about how unhappy he was here. Suddenly he could hear soft footsteps approaching, he didn't have to turn around to know that it was Chloe.

"Heya Germy," Chloe said as she took a seat next to the older teen. Jeremy smiled at the familiar nickname and turned to look at her. Chloe was a pretty girl, she had long blonde hair and bright shimmering ice blue eyes. He looked down at the plastic zip-lock bag that she held in her lap. The bag was full of smashed up chocolate chip cookies.

"I see they inspected you again," Jeremy said as resumed to staring into the sky.

"Yeah," she said sadly as he flipped the bag over, "Made em for me and Baking Class," Jeremy couldn't help but give the younger teen a reassuring smile.

"It's ok, I bet they were good," The two sat there in the field not saying a word. They understood each other and knew when they both needed silence.

"Clo...ever wonder what's out there, in the woods I mean?" Jeremy said at almost a whisper.

"Well, no...not really...why?"

"...I want to know what's beyond this school...this city," Chloe smiled and reached over to adjust the older teen's tie and then adjusted her own.

"It's best to not think about things like that...even though it's human nature it's best to know that this is the only place you will ever live...," she said sadly as she looked out at the dark sky. Jeremy turned to her and watched as the wind blew back her blonde hair away from her ear. She turned and gave him a warm smile and held up the zip-lock bag.

"Care to have some smashed cookies with me?" Jeremy laughed and then reached over to grab a hand full of cookie and chocolate. He stuffed it all in his mouth and turned to Chloe.

"Verh goo," he said laughing with his mouth full. Jeremy knew this would emit a few giggles from the young girl and it did just that. Then, to their dismay, the Black Bells began to ring. All of the students rose up from where they were and walked back toward to school. Each ring sent waves of depression through Jeremy as he slowly made his way toward the school. Madame Flimengurgen smacked several across the face and the head with her cane as they entered the door.

"Next time I bet you'll learn to run to the door instead of walk!" She yelled as she hit another student knocking him out cold. Madame Flimengurgen was blind, but she somehow found out everything the students were up to. She was even more effective than the other hall monitors with sight. But that huge advantage put the students at a huge disadvantage.

"Busy star gazing?!" She screamed at Jeremy. He was about to point out that it wasn't nighttime so he couldn't possibly be star gazing, when she slammed her cane against his back. "Get moving!" Jeremy winced at the sting that burned on his back. When he heard the short shriek he knew Chloe was also "punished". Once he made his way back to the classroom he was greeted by the fowl smell of...fowls. He hated this class, he hated all of his classes, but this was one of the top five most hated classes ever. Mr. Terryist didn't make it any better. He was a tall, very skinny man with a tattered old suit that was clearly too short for him. He wore half moon shaped eyeglasses and his greying hair was smoothed around his head to cover up his balding. He gave Jeremy a disgusting green teeth smile and waved at him with long slender fingers.

"Velcome back, 'Eremy," Mr. Terryist said with his accent that seemed to hop around from country to country. Jeremy forced a smile and walked to his desk. The class was completely pointless, like many of his classes. The sole purpose of the class was to learn to respect the winged creatures of the Earth, but the thing is, they never learned anything about them, they just sit there for sixty minutes staring at Mr. Terryist or any random bird he decided to show.

Bird feathers laid everywhere and bird feces could be found anywhere the eye could reach. A student by the name of Thomas came running in laughing and slipped on a random puddle of bird feces. He hit the ground hard and didn't get back up. Everyone in the room began to laugh, but the laughter died when Thomas...well died. Blood began seeping from behind his head and it started to spread across the floor. Mr. Terryist, still smiling walked toward the door and motioned for one of the hall monitors. He turned back to poor Thomas and shook his head. He then said something to himself and walked back to his desk as he waited for the hall monitor to come.

Jeremy wasn't sure what he has said, but he could have sworn he read the words 'Such a waste of blood' The sudden thought of his instructor being a vampire humored him, but then again, there was no telling in this school...and Mr. Terryist was quite pale. Many students got from their seats in disbelief of the situation.

"Mr. Terryist, he's losing a lot of blood, he needs a doctor!" a girl shrieked. He turned to her with black eyes and laughed.

"He's already dead ahem as far as de 'Cool ish concerned," He said, clearing his throat to use some random accent. The girl looked at him in disbelief and plopped down into her seat in defeat. They all watched as the blood spread out, creating a huge puddle. Suddenly one of the birds escaped it's cage. Mr Terryist usually grabbed the birds on the drop of a dime, but this time he let it fly around the room freely. The bird was an owl named Snow because of it's feather's bright white colour. Snow flew around for a bit and then landed in the blood puddle.

"Mr. Terryist!" screamed someone. Jeremy looked out of the window in disgust. He heard many of the students moaning from being so disgusted that they felt they may vomit. Suddenly a dirty white truck pulled up from out of the woods, Jeremy had seen the truck before, but was told that it was just a milk truck that arrived from the Lucky Rainbow Farm outside the woods. Ms. Flimengurgen walked up to the truck driver, said a few things and then walked back into the school.

"Mr. Jeremy, out da side affairs, be not of ye concern!" Mr Terryist yelled as he pulled the curtains down over the window, leaving the classroom dark. Jeremy couldn't help but wonder where the man got these accents from, and wondered if anyone else noticed the changes of country to country. Most of the time he couldn't tell where his instructor was from. He flicked a switch, filling the room with light. It was like a murder scene. Snow was no longer "snow" rather "Red". The owl was completely covered in blood and was lapping at the blood hungrily. Ms. Flimengurgen walked in with a pleased smile on her face.

"Is there a Thom...oh there he is," she said smiling sinisterly as her cane touched poor Thomas, who was going to die if they waited any longer.

"Ms. Flimenguren, ya musten waste iny time, he be bleedin'," Mr. Terryist said extremely sarcastically. Jeremy quickly looked around to see if anyone else could see how unbelievable all of this was. Two men in white jump suits came in and picked Thomas' body up and laid it lazily on a metal cart. Jeremy watched as they rolled the teenager away. He somehow knew that would be the last time he would ever see him.

After the completely draining day, Jeremy made his way to the boy's dorm. Everyone seemed glum, but more glum than usual. It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened to Thomas. He was sent to Lucky Rainbow Farm...somewhere they all knew he would never return from. He entered his room, and laid down on his bed. Jeremy looked over at the empty bed next to his.

"I see Chris isn't here yet," He said to no one. Not even a minute later his roommate, Chris, walked in with a tired look on his face.

"Hey Jer," the other teen said as he leapt into his bed. The two laid there, accepting the silence. Jeremy was glad to have a roommate like Chris, he reminded him so much of Chloe, they both understood him more than anyone.

"Did you hear 'bout that Thomas kid?" Chris said, knowing Jeremy knew, but wanted to start conversation.

"Yeah...was there when it happened,"

"Wow, heard it was kinda gruesome," Jeremy sighed and then went on to tell him exactly what happened, knowing his friend would want to know.

"Man...that sucks," Chris said, looking up at the ceiling with his arms folded behind his head. Jeremy did the same and gave out another sigh.

" ever wonder why parents would let us come to this place?" Chris asked him. Jeremy thought about the day he had to leave for Grimen Kregkrum High School...his whole family mourned as if he was going to he could see why.

"Trust me, if I parents could have anything to say about it we wouldn't be here," Chris let out a snort and turned toward his roommate.

"S'not like my parents cared, they couldn't wait to get me out of here," Jeremy looked over at the young man. He could see the sadness in the dark brown eyes.

" least you have me and Chloe," Jeremy said laughing. Chris started to laugh a bit too.

"Yeah, especially Chloe, no mater how rough things get she always wears a smile...and seems to always know what to say...,"

Publisher's Note: Please excuse the abruptness of the end of this chapter. Like we have stated before the story is broken up, so please bear with us.