All of the links to my sources were scrubbed, a regrettable circumstance of posting on this site. It has also been pointed out that I didn't present enough evidence to prove my hub-and-spoke hypothesis. I've since confirmed the existence of the hub, located in Peshawar, Pakistan, through the testimony of Dr. Saad Al-Fagih, who was Osama bin Laden's physician during the late eighties.

In my definition of fourth generation warfare, I made the mistake of misusing a common phrase. I called a covert team a fourth column when speaking of covert teams. I should have said fifth. The phrase originated in the Spanish Civil War after the Nationalist capture of Madrid, and has since become a common part of the nomenclature of covert operations. I apologize for the mistake.

Also, I made the mistake of blocking many accounts that would be critical of this piece, to the point that I've gotten very little feedback. Most accounts are now removed from blacklisting, and are welcome to comment. I've since established my intellectual credibility at this site, and feel comfortable taking criticism. Some of you may or may not have noticed this.

I also wasn't consistent in how I arranged my footnoting. At times, I placed the numbers in parenthesis, and other times, this was not my arrangement.

It has also come to my attention that not all of my source material is considered credible. At times, this is legitimate, when I was making a very minor point. For instance, some may argue that Le Creature is not a credible source. After all, his material isn't even available online anymore. Wikipedia is a source I wouldn't trust with anything more pressing than an episode synopsis. I do however expect sources like Mark Bowden to carry a little weight.

An Author's Note

I thank everyone for their support. Chapter two's notes are coming together, and hopefully shape into an elating piece.