It starts with a word

A single breath

I hope for something to come

But there's nothing left

I stand tall and proud

Ready to fight

Swimming in pools of empowering light

A sword in my hand

A gun at my side

Drowning in pools of devouring pride

On the outside I'm strong

On the inside I'm weak

The colors once strong, are graying and bleak

I war with myself

There's no turning back

I'm starting to tremble, I'm starting to crack

I can't hold on

It's all too much

Surely I'll crumble at the slightest touch

I push on

with vim and vigor

Delusions of grandeur are growing bigger

I stare in the face

Of a ghost with no name

My delusions of grandeur are growing colder and tame

Burning with the futility of my defiance

I find

Courage is truly meant for the lions