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Summary- Alex is the new girl and is hiding her identity from an ex-lover. Amanda has turned cold once again after the break-up. What happens when these two finally meet? What they don't know won't hurt them, right?

Chapter 1: Not So Unfamiliar

I grimaced slightly as I stood in front of the new school I would be going to. The sign at the side read: Hazlewood. It defintely didn't look woody, nor the color hazel. This was to be expected since it was a school and schools were plain and boring. That's very simple logic there.

I looked at my surroundings taking them in with one glance altogether. Talk about a lot of black people. I'm not a racist or anything, it's just it seemed very....is crowded the word? Anyways, I noticed this school was made of mostly blacks, whites coming in second, a few mexicans here and there, and then maybe one or two asians. Great.

Some of the teenagers gave me weird looks and began gossiping as usual. I could hear whispers from a few of them about me and how I was the new girl. I bet some even hoped that I wouldn't be in any of their classes, but I seriously doubted that their wishes would come true at all.

"Fucking goth!" An unknown person yelled at me.

I turned around looking for the person and couldn't find them in the mob of people around me. "Stupid bitch got lucky I didn't see them..."

For as much as I know, I am going to get in so much trouble at this school if I don't watch what I'm doing. Sighing, I walked up the stairs and through the doors of oncoming doom. After asking a few people where the office was located I made my way toward it. The secretary gave me a puzzled look as to why I was here.

"May I help you?" She asked.

I nodded. "Hi, I'm new here and I was wondering if I could have my books and such required things for my classes."

The woman smiled kindly at me and got up from her seat motioning me to follow her into a room where I could gather all my things. My black backpack slinged over my shoulder fell to the ground so I could put the books that were handed to me. She handed me my locker number and code whilst giving me my schedule.

"Thank you!" I said and left to figure out where my locker was. I scanned over the paper.

1st Period: English
2nd Period: Science
3rd Period: Math
4th Period: History
Lunch- C (12:45 - 1:15)
5th Period: Gym
6th Period: Choir
7th Period: Art

I passed by a girl who looked oddly familiar as she was walking to her class. I turned around to stare at her retreating figure for a few moments before she disappeared around a corner. The bell rang and I knew I had enough time to make it to homeroom after finding my locker.

After quickly finding my locker, which was on the other side of the building unfortunately, I grabbed the textbooks need for my next two classes and rushes to the room where I was supposed to be at the time. I knocked on the door quietly since everything had already seemed so silent in there.

The door opened to reveal one of my new teachers I would have to deal with for the next half year. Did I mention I transfered here during the middle of school years? Guess not, but I did. I wasn't too happy about it either. I gazed up at the man and saw the name tag that hung over his neck: Mr. Discipline. What an interesting name, not.

"Yes?" He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Hello, Mr. Discipline. My name is Alex and I'm a new student here. I believe I will be joining your class." I said, handing him my schedule which he inspected before handing it back.

I walked in the classroom and put on my mask of looking bored and expression of not wanting to be here. The students seemed to buy it and I smiled inwardly. They had all looked up from doing their work to stare at me. I shifted from one foot to the other waiting patiently for my teacher to introduce me.

"Class this is Alex. Make her feel welcome and she would do the same to you." He said boredly. "Take a seat over there." He pointed to an empty desk beside the girl I had seen earlier.

Doing as he said everyone's gaze followed me as I walked down the isle to the back of the classroom next to the girl. It was feeling so violated right now, didn't they know how to respect someone's privacy? All this was really starting to piss me off so I glared at all of them menacingly.

A crumpled up piece of paper was thrown at my head as I began working (faking it since I didn't know what the hell the assignment was 'cause the damn teacher forgot to tell me) and my eye twitched annoyingly as I looked around to see who threw it. I picked up the ball and opened it.

'Jesus loves you even if you're going to the fiery pits of hell! Better run for it gothic bitch!' I read it over again and just growled lowly in my throat, surprised the girl next to me didn't hear me.

The teacher gave us time to talk five minutes before class ended and others began to chat mindlessly, excluding me and the girl next to me. By this time I decided to actually take a look at her and see if she was who I had hoped for. However, I highly doubted it would be that certain someone.

She wore glasses and apparently had blonde hair that reached to almost her shoulders. I think it was bleached though because there were brown roots starting to show. When I passed her in the hall she had amazing blue eyes that stood out most of her. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat or chubby either. Perfect figure, for me at least.

Currently the girl was reading a book. She was clad in a black Inuyasha sweater (which I was admiring with jealousy) and tight blue jeans. She just looked so cute that I wanted hug her and never let go. It also made me think of a kitty for some strange reason that I do not know of.

Feeling a tap on my shoulder I turned around and saw two girls standing behind me. These two actually seemed friendly compared to all the others who had been giving me dirty looks. One was a redhead and the other was a brunette. Interesting. I waved at them shyly not knowing what their true intentions were.

"Hey..." I greeted quietly.

"Yo! My name is Diana and my friend here is Claire," the redhead said pointing to her friend beside her.

"Oh...well my name is-"

"Yes, we know. Alex." Diana grinned.

"Actually it's really Alexandria. But I like being called Midori, or for short, M." I explained.

Claire finally spoke up. "You have a pretty name!" She took a seat in the front of me. "I'm wondering where I've heard it before though..."

I knew these two already and I know just what they were talking about too. Diana had been a friend of my ex-girlfriend's until something happened between them, I can't remember what. Once in a while when I talked to Diana on the internet she'd mention something about Claire. I didn't know them very well though.

Diana thought about what Claire said momentarily. "Yes, it makes me wonder also. Hey M, where did you move from?"

I think they have already figured me out. "Texas."

Their eyes widened slightly at my answer.

"Oh my god, are you..." Claire trailed off.

Diana finished for her, "Mandi's girlfriend?"

"Ex-girlfriend," I corrected, a smirk playing on my lips. "Don't tell her I'm here though. Call me by Alex so I can trick her and such, plus you should keep this on a down low for Mandi's other friends."

I looked over my shoulder to see the girl I sat beside. Hmm...I wonder who this may be.

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Next Chapter- Alex finds out who this girl really is....and shares a kiss with her?

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