Skulking, alone in the house

Dim torchlight ethereal in the dark

Senses forever alert. A sound –

And I'm pausing, rushing

Lying between cold sheets

Eyes open, blindness

Seeing nothing in the blackness

Hearing nothing through the stillness

Of the house… It creaks

Sometimes, and other times

It rains, and I walk outside

On the cobbles, glimmering wet under

Bright moon

Window open

I jumped out, and now

I scramble in

Lie on the week-old carpet

Already flattened and dull. But

In the dark, all this is unseen

It is whatever I wish it to be

Living on cold tiles and shallow seas

I can see through closed eyes

All lights out. My world

My other world, where the sorrows

Pour out of me, and fear reigns

And I find solace in the confines

Of my fevered imagination,

Phobic of real life, scared of

The bright sunlight, following

The evanescence of the dawn mist, bringing

The dissipation of my chimera…

Shadows steal across my room

As I walk the house in winter

Bare feet walk under bare legs

Shivering and welcoming coldness.

The glass pane is dusty

Where I rest my head

Dark eyes stare blankly out, as

The hail shatters on the concrete,

And the waters of the birdbath

Freeze, icing sugar surface

Pale white and frosty cold

Under the darkening sky,

As I watch with cold eyes

And cheerless mind.