"YOU DON'T HAVE THE GUTS!" The pig chortled from behind the chicken.

The chicken turned around and faced the crowd of animals that were quickly gathering. She squinted her eyes while thrusting her wings at her sides, "I can AND I will!!!"

At this a Porsche ripped across the stretch of highway behind her. There was an ominous 'oooh' from the animals. The cow raised her hoof, she nervously suggested, "Can you guys stop playing Evil Knievel for a moment? Why don't we go to the moooovies??"

The horse looked at her, "Oh why don't you hoof it."

"Look who's talking. Aren't you a little long in the face today?" the cow quickly retorted.

The chicken slapped her wing to her forehead. She let it droop, and rolling her eyes she said, "Well enough of the side show it's time for me to go!!"

She turned to face the asphalt. Behind her the sheep called, "Hey girl! Come back! Something's gonna go baaaaaaad!!!"

The llama taunted, "Oh come now, come now! I can spit farther than you can walk ole chap!"

The goat jeered, "This is a load of garbage!" Then after a respectful moment he reflected, "Can I eat it?"

Aggravated the evil bunnies shouted, "JUST HOP ON IT!!!"

The cat gave a sly smile, "Well are you going to do it Ms. Purrrrr-fect?"

The chicken ignored the onset of taunts and bravely put her foot upon the asphalt.

She, Alexandra the chicken, crossed the road.

Each animal held their breath. The mice scampered around them taking bets. Many believed a truck would be her undoing. Others, a Porsche. And then there was the rare belief that it would be an elephant stomping on their way.

Dollars were thrown in the air as five minutes later Alexandra returned. Many clapped and cheered. However it was then that the cynical pig spoke. "Hold a minute now. Now just wait. Why exactly did you do it?"

At this the chicken raised her beak proudly. "To get to the other side. But mostly just to ruffle a few feathers."

There was a splat sound as the cow's cud fell from her gaping mouth.

The chicken snorted, "Why you going to make a joke of it?"

A Subtle Place to End Such Absurdities