Till Death Do Us In

What would you do if you woke up to a world that you were not familiar with? A world that scared you, but at the same time saddened you. That's what happened to 17 year old Taylor Jacobs. She woke up to a world where everyone around her was dead. Or so she thought. Isit even possible for a new love interest? "A man can be destroyed, but not defeated."- Ernest Hemingway.

Ch. 1- First day.

"Oh my gosh I'm so nervous" Ember sat beside me fretting over nothing.

Ember. Weird name I know. Don't know what her parents were on when they had her. Ha ha. Any ways she's still my best friend. One and only.

I smiled to myself as I slowed down the engine in my 2005 blood red Ford mustang. Yep! That was my baby. I loved my car and now Em sat next to me grabbing on for dear life to the 'oh crap' bar next to her.

"Any harder and I think you will actually break it." I smiled turning into the school parking lot.

"Shut up! I'm frikken nervous Tay. We're Juniors now." She said looking at me pleadingly.

"And we were Freshmen and Sophomores before. This is just the first day of a school we already know with friends we already have waiting inside for us." I said calmingly to her turning off the engine.

I grabbed my purse and notebook and got out of the car.

It took her forever but she followed me into the building.

I tugged my favorite shirt down a little out of habit and walked into Emerson High with a smirk. I was ready.

My fashion sense had been the same for years. Just different shirts and pants each year. I wasn't gothic, although most of my friends were, some people label me punk. Me, I just think I'm normal. I had on my favorite shirt from Hot Topic. It was baby blue with a black cat napping on it. Underneath the cat it said "I love you but it's nap time." I loved that shirt! I also had on dark denim jeans and a black belt to finish the look. Ember thought I should leave my hair down today so just to make her happy I did. I had dark brown hair and dark blue eyes to match. I wasn't much of a makeup freak but sometimes I wore a little. Considering how I used to look I think I look pretty good now, not being coincided or anything, but my body was tanned and toned. It's times like these I thank God for being half Mexican, makes it easier to tan.
Em and I walked towards a large group near the fence.

Ember tugged at her baby blue skirt that came just a little above her thigh and smoothed down her black tank top with the words 'Kitty has claws' in light blue letters.

"Tay! Em! There you are. I haven't seen you around. Where have you been?" Trish said giving us a hug.

"Parents had me go on vacation with them so I dragged her along for the ride to" I smiled looking over at Ember who was too caught up in catching quick glances at Leo.

Trish leaned over and whispered "When is she ever gonna tell him?"

I shrugged and walked over to him.

He looked up at me with a cigarette butt sticking out of his mouth. His eyes looked hazy and stoned.

I put my hand on my forehead and shook my head.

"When you are going to learn?" I said yanking the butt out of his mouth and stepping on it.

He shot me a pissed off look and I just smiled at him. I was the only one that could do that to him and get away with it. He was like my brother.

"Oh he's just cranky cuz he hadn't finished his morning dose!" a voice behind me said.

I turned around to see Luke walk up.

"Luke!" I yelled and jumped on him.

"Well well. My place or yours?" he joked.

I slapped him on the arm playfully and let go.

"Everyone I brought someone!" He announced throwing his arms up.

He slung his arm over a guy who I just now noticed. He had dark brown hair and beautiful green eyes oh my gosh they were gorgeous! He stood taller than I am. I was pretty tall for my age to I was 5'8 while he was probably like 6'1. His bangs covered a little bit of his eyes but he smiled none the less.

"Everyone! This is my new friend Carter Anderson. Can I keep him? Can I? Can I?" He asked giving us the puppy dog eyes.

We all laughed and nodded our heads.

Luke's face lit up like a Christmas tree and he introduced us.

"Carter my friend meet my friends and your new ones! Ok so that's Ember, Leo, Trish, Kay, Dax, Hugh, Alex, and Tay." he said pointing to me.

Carter's eyes lingered over me a little longer and he smiled. Then he turned his attention to everyone else.

"So Carter," Alex said getting up and brushing off her black pants. She walked over to him eyeing him seductively. Seriously I love Alex to death but sometimes she can be a bit of a whore. "What do you like to do for fun?" she smiled seductively touching a part of his arm softly.

He pulled his arm away but he still smiled.

"I write music then test it out." he replied looking at her I saw his eyes quickly glance at me.

"You're a musician? Oh that's hot." She said running her hand up his arm again.

No she did not say that's hot.

"So your in a band?" Kay asked pushing her red streaked black hair from her face.

Thank God for Kay!

"No, I just write music. It's just a hobby." He said pulling his arm from Alex and turning towards Kay.

She just smiled and said "Cool. Maybe you should show Tay sometime. She had an awesome voice"

'Damn you Katherine Marisa Hopkins!'

He turned to me and asked "Really? That would be awesome. I wrote a few parts fit to girls."

"No I don't have that great of a voice. Kay exaggerates. She has a mind of her own." I laughed trying not to turn red.

He looked disappointed.
"Nonsense she has a great voice. She used to be in a band, but then she moved." Leo said smirking at me.

'Damn him. Note to self raid Leo's room and confiscate all of his drugs and boos.' I thought smirking.

Leo saw me smirking and immediately fear crossed his eyes. Yeah. He knew what was coming. Sometimes I have such a brilliant mind!

The bell rang and we all got up reluctantly.

I said bye and headed towards English.

I did not like English. Or rather the teacher. It was the same teacher I had last year. Mrs. Cunningham. The meanest old bat there was.

I sat with my head on my desk awaiting the bell.

All of a sudden I felt a tap on my back.

I lifted my head and turned around seeing dark green eyes looking into mine.

I jumped a little startled.

Carter just smiled and leaned forward.

"Well it looks like I know someone in this class. That's good." He said smiling playfully.

I smiled back. "Guess you do"

"Miss. Jacobs if you and Mr. Anderson are done flirting I suggest you let me start my lesson." Mrs. Cunningham yelled at us viciously.

'Stupid old bat' I thought turning back around.
It turned out that he had three out of four classes with me. Which meant we talked more. Especially during gym.

Before I knew it three days had gone by. Usually it went by slow for me but not this time. Carter had been hanging out with us everyday. He became a regular and once he loosened up he was really cool to be around.

Ember walked beside me to my car. She was smiling. That meant she was up to no good when she smiled like that.

I stopped and turned to her "Okay why are you smiling? Did you tell off Mr. Gary again?"

She stopped and looked at me still smiling. "You like him" she said giggling.

"Well I think Mr. Gary is a little too old for me." I laughed.

"No you idiot! Carter." She said smiling wider.

"What?!" I cried.

"Tay." a smooth voice from behind me called.

I turned around to see Leo walking up to me.

"Hey." I said smiling.

"Hey. My parents are gone tonight and I was wondering if I could crash at your place tonight?" he asked looking at me. He still looked a little stoned. Dazed was more like it.

"Yeah sure. My parents don't give a rat's ass. Em is spending the night to though. That okay with you?" I asked glancing at Ember who was too busy drooling over Leo to hear my answer.

He shrugged and let himself in my car.

That was when it hit her.

"What?!" she whispered harshly.

I just smiled and walked to my car.

A/N: ok so what do you think about this story? my inspiration for this story to let you know is Dawn of the Dead and Resident Evil. so ya its that kind of story with love in the mix. tell me what u think? should i contiue? im gonna post the next chapter just because it has action init. so ya i hope u guys like it!