-A lonely smile-

A look of grief

And a hesitant stance

Are you so neglected

That they can't see you smile?

A trembling hand

Wrapped around a flower

Can it grant you their attention

If only a little while?

You've tried so hard

And those tears don't fix anything

But couldn't they see

You'd do anything?

This envy grew

As you saw what you didn't have

Yet all you could do

Was stare in the mirror,

And then hide from view.



Right, well I thought this was just plain sad! Poor kid.

I am hopeful at least someone on this site likes it. And if you think it is horribly written and is a waste of space, feel free to comment, just tell me why. And those that think the opposite, you're more than welcome.

Ah do keep in mind, I write these things on notepad, thus, no spellcheck.